Thursday, October 16, 2014

Changing My Focus

So it's been 4 weeks since becoming unemployed and finally I think I can focus on the future.  Some answers to some nagging questions and worries have been resolved and I think I can finally begin to move forward.
It means a few changes to the way I currently run my business and a shift in focus.  I am excited by the promises of the future.  A few of the changes will take some weeks to eventuate but it will all be for the greater good of our family I'm sure.
Some of the changes will be announced in the newsletter on Monday morning.  If you're not a subscriber simply subscribe in the top right hand column - You should sign up - I am going to make it worth your while ..........
I have also finally begun to list some items in my ETSY store which I opened 2 years ago and have done nothing with !  Very slack but finally I have started to stock the shelves.
I have today listed the gorgeous Bunny Rabbit Gift Bags for $15  for the Set of 3 and also this adorable Tooth Fairy Bag for $6.50 or I have decided to personalise it with a child's name for an additional $3.00
Creating useful pieces is one of the things that my heart wants me to do - I have no idea if they are what the buying public want but they do make me very happy creating them and for me that's the most important thing.
One of the things on my TO DO list over the coming weeks is to get Christmas knocked over !  By that I mean I want to create all of my Christmas gifts on my list.  We do not have any spare disposable cash these days so this year will be a HANDMADE Christmas
I purchased these little white t-shirts for minimal $$ some time ago and finally I have them ready to gift give at Christmas.  I hope my little grand daughters like them.
I'll try to get back before the weekend.  I have lots to share in the coming weeks.
Fee x


Anonymous said...

Hi Fee I wish you all the best on your new adventure and I love your GD's gifts,I think it will be a lovely handmade Xmas for you all.xx

Lib said...

Hello Fee Good luck in your new ventures. Handmade gifts are what it is all about! Go girl.

Unknown said...

Hi Fee, I have Loved your stuff for a long time and buy stuff from your emails to me.
So Good luck and God Bless.

Wendyb said...

It's been a bumpy ride.....just know the path is going to smooth out for you hon. xoxox love that tooth fairy....I just hope I don't need it anytime soon! LOL xox
sugary sweet ones :o)

Anonymous said...

All of these items you've shown are winners! Love the t-shirts, especially, and I'm sure your granddaughters will too. I pray for a smooth road for you for a while. None of us gets one for long. =) We're being improved by the maker as we go.