Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Day of Rest

Hubby and I have been working so hard in the kennels, around the house and in the yard that we have declared Sunday a day of rest at our house.
We went back to bed for 2 hours today after rising at 6.30am and felt very naughty for doing so !
I am sitting here at almost 2pm in the afternoon and I am still in my PJ's.  Other than washing up I haven't lifted a finger and it feels like I am playing hooky.
I have to say that I haven't felt so relaxed in a very long time !!
You should try having a total day of rest too - Years ago Sunday was always a day of rest.  I think as we get older we need a day like this every once in a while. 
This week I spent some time playing around with Vinyl and Paper again and had so much fun creating new things.  I think I'm hooked !
 I had my first custom order placed in my ETSY shop.  Thanks so much Karen - These little lamb bags are now winging their way to New Zealand as we speak.

 Tomorrow marks the change of direction for my little business and an e-mail will be sent to all newsletter subscribers announcing the changes tomorrow morning.  If you like my FREE Block of The Month's you should subscribe to the newsletter to read about the changes for the next one due to be released really soon.  You can sign up over there in the right hand column.
Part of the changes will be me trying to be a bit more organised with forward planning so a trip to Big W a few weeks ago saw me purchase this magnetic planning calendar for the fridge door.

 And this To Do List pad which will sit on my desk with my list of To Do's - I am a list girl so this will come in really handy and a bargain at just $2.00 for a pack of 50. If you want to get your own  they are in the stationary section at BIG W.
Anyway I had best be off to go and have a nice long hot shower and get dressed.  We have been invited out for dinner tonight so my day of rest will include no cooking - YAY !!
Hugs - Fee xx

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