Monday, September 1, 2014

Creative Challenge

Clare offered up a challenge.
She sent this picture
and this colour.
I had to make something.
I tried and tried to get those pinwheels out of my brain but they just wouldn't go away so I knew that there was no getting away from them.
They just had to be made in Yellow - So not my colour :)
So I now have a lovely pot of pinwheel flowers  BUT I wasn't happy with them in a pot.
I decided that they needed to be wall art - Like those flying ducks that grandma used to have on the wall - You know the ones?
Well now my studio has flying pin wheels on the wall.
What do you think?
Go over to Claire's and check out all of the other challenge players and see what they came up with.
Hugs - Fee xx 


Jan Quigley said...

Yellow is not my colour either but I think you did brilliantly. I love pinwheels, & they look so cute on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Yellow IS a favorite of mine and you did right by it - those pinwheels are lovely!

Unknown said...

Wow what a great idea, I love them! Thanks so much for playing along x

Christine M said...

Your pin wheels look great, Fee.

Karen's Korner said...

Yellow is the right colour to go with the picture. Your pinwheels look great on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fee oh you did a fabulous job of meeting the challenge ,well done they look fantastic.xx

Tuna Lures said...

5 stars for your grand yellow pin wheels. Great work ha.
Tuna Lures Australia