Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Catching Up

Sometimes it would be wonderful to be able to slow down life to a crawl and not have a care in the world like my adorable little grandson Josh above but unfortunately as adults we just have to deal with whatever life dishes out.  Sometimes we cope - Sometimes we don't and sometimes we wonder how much more our shoulders can take.  It can be the littlest things that become the final straw ..........

Anyway enough of that !

I have been trying to get a little stitching done of an evening where time permits and have begun a little blanket to give to Josh for Christmas - It has cute little red polka dot trains appliqued on so far.  Not sure what I'll do to it next but I am going to put minky on the back so it is totally snuggable :)

I have been going really well with my new eating habits - I have been baking a few different slices and cakes to ensure that we have healthy snacks when the whim comes.  This one is a delightful PALEO Berry Coconut Slice which I discovered HERE.

And I've been playing with a few little vignettes around our home.  I love to have little table displays.

They always make me smile.

Enjoy your week.


Fee x


Helen said...

Josh looks so content love his little blankie that you are working on. The slice looks delicious , enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Hi Fee your little GS is adorable,love the trains and i am going to check this slice out,thankyou for sharing Fee,hope you have a lovely day.xx

Unknown said...

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