Thursday, June 5, 2014

Up The Garden Path - Do you want to see the completed quilt?

I have known all year that some major changes are on the way for our family and that I needed to be super organised in readiness for them.  Couple that with taking the business on the road in just 2 and a bit weeks and it makes for a very busy time.

For this reason I have tried to be ahead on all of my projects and I am pleased to say that "Up The Garden Path" was completed last night and is winging it's way to my quilter today.  Block 6 has just been released and we have Blocks 7,8 and 9 left to be released on the 1st of each month with the finishing instructions due for release on the 1st October.

How are you going with your blocks?  It's never too late to start stitching them.  The finished quilt measures 40" square so very achievable.  You only need a charm pack and some white quilter's homespun.

Head over to the CRAFTSY store to get the blocks.

Hugs - Fee xx


Leanne said...

Its beautiful Fee,

Anonymous said...

gorgeous Fee.xx

Sherry said...

It is beautiful and I am excited about my quilt. I have completed five blocks and will be starting on six soon. Thanks for sharing this fun design.

Hazel said...

How will you quilt this without going over the embroidery ??

Christine M said...

Your quilt is gorgeous, Fee.

Unknown said...