Monday, May 19, 2014

Walking A New Path

Here are some lovely shots of the gorgeous Derwent River at New Norfolk that we took recently on a trip through that area. I am sharing them with you today whilst I share my news.

Some time ago I blogged about having a break from designing and feeling that I needed to follow a different path for awhile and whilst it may not look like I have done that, behind the scenes I have been working on a different path.  

"The Friendship Quilt" was designed and stitched as a Block of the Month for my lovely band of dedicated followers and my FREE Blog design "Up the Garden Path" is nearing completion but other than a few other little design surprises on their way I stopped designing as much as I had done previously.

Why?  Well it's hard to explain .......  I think that when you start doing anything as a job that you previously did as a hobby it takes away some of the joy - I know that a few other designing friends I have discussed this with sometimes feel the same way .......

I decided that I needed to get some of the passion back into my crafting life and follow my heart as an "artist".  The joy of making something from an image in your mind without the constraints of having to either follow a pattern or write one is a "Joyous" experience.  

It's hard to explain but I feel that I needed to let myself be creative again - Not that designing patterns for the joy of others is not creative - I do still love doing that and will continue to do so - But I also needed to do something for me.

Now if you have been a long time follower or have just gotten to know me you will know that I love adore all things shabby.  I am the happiest when I am finding something old and changing it and shabbying it up to give it a new life.  I love using pretty shabby florals mixed up with old clothing or old textiles to make something new, pretty and functional.  

I have been experimenting behind the scenes with a few ideas and took the plunge and applied to exhibit as an "artist" at this year's Tasmanian Craft Fair.

I photographed my ideas and sent them in for submission and crossed my fingers that the examining committee would think that I was unique enough to gain a place at this world renowned art exhibition.

An email arrived last night congratulating me on being chosen as an "artist" for this year's fair.  I am totally over the moon.  It is a new path for me and one that I was afraid to step onto but I am so glad that I took the plunge and decided to give it a go.  

The only downside is that I only have until the end of October to make enough One of A Kind items to fill a booth.  So guess what I will be doing with all of my free time in the next few months?

I can't wait to share some of my ideas with you.


Fee xx

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Australia.  I felt totally spoilt and had a lovely relaxing day.  Kaitlin and Steve bought me this adorable Birds and nest stand - It is so unusual and just gorgeous.  I will find it a very special spot.

Amy made me an adorable card with lots of cute little sayings like - A little drawing of a minion and "I love you a minion".  She has a lovely sense of humour that one !!  She also made me a jar with 10 little pieces of paper which each had something she loves about me.  The Jar said "10 things I love about you".  A gift to be treasured xx

Sam and the grandies had a baking afternoon for "Nanny Fee" on Saturday and presented me with this adorable vase of baked cookie flowers, Lemon Cheesecake and Monte Carlos - What more could a sweet tooth like me ask for?

They all cooked dinner for me which was lovely.

I spent the day finishing off a little elephant doll I had begun the night before.  I decided to make her from wool.

She is a Gingermelon pattern and I have to confess to being totally besotted with her.  I am now working on Number 2 doll.  I think I just may be a little addicted :)


Fee xx

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Up The Garden Path - Block 5 & The Friendship Quilt Block 1

Today is the 1st of the month again and what's more it's May - Where is the year disappearing to?
So today marks the release on CRAFTSY of Block 1 of The Friendship Quilt over HERE for $7.00

And it is the release of Block 5 - The centre block in Up The Garden Path"- My 9 month FREE BOM.  All of the previous blocks are available over on CRAFTSY for just $2.00 each if you want to catch up.  This block remains FREE for the entire month of May so pop over to CRAFTSY and grab it now.
I'll be back tomorrow with another Block in The Friendship Quilt.
Hugs - Fee xx