Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's going together ......

The Friendship Quilt is slowly coming together.

Block by Block and Row by Row

Thank you so much for the lovely e-mails and calls regarding this quilt - I am astounded by the popularity of it - There are just a few places left for the Complete Kit BOM in the same fabrics as I am using.  I was lucky enough to get a 3rd shipment from my supplier but I am sure that this is the last of it I can access.

I am toying with the idea of stitching a few blocks in redwork and offering it with the newly arrived Bunny Hill fabric line "Winter Wonderland" and a gorgeous co-ordinating thread from Kate & Pam at Cottage Garden Threads.  Let me know what you think ......

My second Block of the Month to be released this year is in the finishing stages - I can't wait to show you this one - But it will be a few weeks away yet - A little different from this one


Today I will be finishing up the final rows of "The Friendship Quilt" and packing up the thread packs to go out with Block 1 tomorrow to the Full Kit BOM subscribers - There will be a slight delay on the Cottage Garden Threads in some packs as Katie and Pam are currently dying me up a new batch. I will send these out separately once they arrive later in the week.

I'll be back tomorrow with another block or two.

Hugs - Fee XX


Anonymous said...

wow Fee its gorgeous,love the colours you have picked.xx

Motherdragon's Musings said...

Oh Fee it is beautiful, cannot wait for mine to arrive.

You are a very talented lady


Sheila said...

Absolutely beautiful , I love the messages as well as the fabrics you have chosen !

Jytte R said...

Thank you again for the free pattern.
I finist the first 4 stitchery in Spain and had great pleasure.