Saturday, March 29, 2014

Project De-Clutter Continued

Yes that's me - Plumb Tuckered Out after 7 solid hours of cleaning out cupboards.  The good news is that the trailer is full of rubbish, and there are 2 car loads to be donated and taken to the local market.  I was ruthless !  I shocked everyone around me including myself with how harsh I was. 
I gave 2 big Chest of Drawers to my son and his partner who are expecting a very special baby to be born in June. 
This morning at 9am both of the chests were bursting at the seams with "stuff "and I managed to cull most of it. I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself.
Here is the start of my throw out pile. (Minus Miss Grace who just HAD to jump in the empty box)
Which quickly became this

And then this

And finally the whole sorry mess !!  What was I thinking keeping all of this stuff?
Now to confess this is not the whole house de-cluttered but a good chunk of it is now done.  I feel very tired but very pleased.
So now it's time for a lovely hot shower, A nice glass of red and my slippers on so I can sit down and watch the footy tonight with my stitching and a fur baby on my lap.
Fee x



Marilyn said...

I am starting on decluttering too, firstly my sewing room. Wonder if I will manage to part with as much as you have. Think I need to print out your "ten questions" to help me along.

Rosie said...

Always feels so good to de-clutter.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

You are the queen of Declutter, Miss Fee! I can feel a whole lotta peace of mind right now. xx

barb's creations said...

Well done Fee, it's always good to get rid of stuff that's just taking up space :) Barb.

Susan said...

Well Done Fee - I had a mini tidy up / de-clutter and that pooped me out too! I need to tackle this in very small doses. BUt I'm keeping your 10 "De-clutter Commandments" in the hope than get some motivation.

A Consuming Passion said...

Good for you Fee!!! It's quite liberating isn't it!