Friday, March 28, 2014

Project De-Clutter

Our house is bursting at the seams.  My middle daughter and her partner and part-time step granddaughter all moved back home so that they can build a house.  We now have 2 houses stored in 1.

It's doing my head in !  Don't get me wrong I love having them at home and it will give them a great start financially when they move into their new home at the end of the year but there is just sooo much stuff !  Everywhere !  There's no spare storage, the place is bursting at the seams and I feel like I am living in chaos.

So tomorrow I have declared de-clutter day !  My oldest daughter is coming up for the day and we are going to tackle cupboards, drawers and wardrobes - Some of which haven't been opened for months - You know what that means don't you - I probably don't need the items stored inside.

So tomorrow is "d" day for some of my possessions.  If I get really brave I may even show you some before and after shots :)

Have a wonderful weekend.



PS.  It's still raining - YAY !


Jenny of Elefantz said...

I LOVE declutter days...oh how I wish I was there. Have fun, honey! xxx

Susan said...

Good Luck with that...Cupboards you haven't opened in months??? I have "stuff" i moved up to Brisbane from Sydney 25 YEARS you think I have a problem??

Anonymous said...

hope it all goes well with your de clutter Fee.xx

Sylvia Anderson said...

Fee, I just read the e-mail regarding the winners of the drawing and if I am the only Sylvia A, then I think it could be me! You have no idea how happy you have made me, since this is the first time I've ever won a giveaway! This has made my day. What is the e-mail address I should use to send my mailing address?

VickiT said...

Good luck Fee! We had the same thing happen more than 2 yrs ago. Same as you, it's great having them here and especially our now 2yr old Granddaughter but, space is non-existent in any direction you look no matter where you are standing in our home. It's driving me absolutely nuts.

It seems no matter what I've done to declutter, it didn't help because the tiny bit of space I have found in doing so has been filled in with more stuff like new toys or things they purchase for 'when' they move into their own place again. We had to put a ban on them buying anything more because there is just too much stuff. ugh. I hide out in my sewing room which is also bulging at the seams as much of the larger items that I need once in awhile for sewing were stored in the spare room which is now their room. :( They either had to go to the basement or into my sewing room where they would be accessible when I needed them.

I'll be sad when they do move out, but I will miss my Granddaughter so much. They moved in when she was just 4 months old so we've been lucky enough to see all her wonderful milestones as they happened in her young life from the first steps to her first words etc. I worry about her too because she's going to be lost once they move not knowing/understanding why Grandma isn't a short walk down the hall anymore.

Anyway - good luck with your decluttering. I hope your spaces you find in this process aren't filled in again right away as ours were.