Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Little Trip

To say that the the trip away to attend the 4th Let's Get Stitched weekend was awesome would be a true understatement.  It was a wonderful time spent with new and old friends.  The memories and bonds formed on these weekends can't be measured.  It is just a wonderful 4 days.  This year I finally got to meet my treasured friend Jenny of Elefantz.  We have been calling and e-mailing for over 5 years and finally got to meet up.  How wonderful !

The weekend was full of lots of yummy things and inspiration.  I haven't stopped drawing or stitching since I have returned home - Part of the reason for this late blog post.

It was great to see some different quilting stores and help the Victorian economy along with a bit of a boost.

I may or may not have purchased a lot of fabric !

We spent a few hours in a gorgeous little town called Sassafrass - What a gorgeous place on top of the Dandenong ranges.

Lots of delicious food was consumed over the 4 days including this flour free orange and almond cake - It was divine !

One of the highlights of the weekend was spending time with my darling Dawn.  It's been a tough past year for Dawn and it was wonderful to give her a hug in person.  

We celebrated our 4th Birthday of Let's Get Stitched on Saturday night with a meal out and a birthday cake.

Sunday was our stitching day and it was wonderful to have 50 ladies there to share the day with us.

Vicki was this year's host and did a wonderful job of looking after us all.

This year I designed a Retreat Bag for the event.  It holds everything from an A4 cutting mat, rotary cutter, 6 1/2" ruler and much much more. The pattern will be launched to shops with my new distributor really soon. (Oops I think I let out a bit of my secret :) )

Until next time,


Fee xx


Melody said...

It certainly was a wonderful event. So glad you got to catch up with your dear friends.

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

ohhh, a secret. Congratulations Fee.
Your pattern looks lovely & of course by all the photos and reports over bloglandia it was a wonderful weekend.
Hope to join you all in Bris 2015

Rosie said...

Lovely bag Fiona, and we were wondering if we were going to get Jenny back!

Wendyb said...

It was the best weekend and loved to catch up.....pity we can't do it more often!!!! Can't wait to see your designs out and about.....excellent 'surprise' news (I'm guessing??!!) xoxoxoxox
sugary sweet hugs Fee-girl!
:o) Wendy