Thursday, March 27, 2014


I am feeling quite blessed at the moment.  My Dot Com address has been out of action since November and a dear friend's (Jenny of Elefantz)  hubby (Mark) spent some time on it yesterday and fixed it - I am so grateful to him.  He is such a blessing. Thank You just doesn't seem enough.

A period of change is about to be embarked on by my family in the coming months.  I refuse to look at any of it as a negative and instead I am looking at it as an opportunity.  An opportunity for change.  An opportunity for  me to tick some things off my "Life" list including the decision to go to University next year and study nursing - A life long dream of mine.
It is going to mean a HUGE financial change to our family as I am the bread winner, but I know somehow we will manage.

I thank god that I have been blessed in the past few weeks with many new designs and I feel that I have been blessed with them for a reason.  2 Brand New Clubs will be launched in the coming weeks including a 10 part stitchery quilt called the Friendship Quilt.  I am so excited by this project.  I am having lots of fun stitching it. 
We have also made the BIG decision to take Fee's Shabby Shack on the road later this year.  We will have a very small stand at both the Melbourne and Sydney fairs.  The stand will be to promote our Brand New BOM and Programmes as well as our Deal of the Day items with some extra special stock on it's way into our store just for these shows.  How exciting !
I hope that I can get to meet many of you whilst at either show.
The final blessing of today is the rain we are currently receiving.  It seems so long since we have had any that the ground is totally parched in our area.  Luckily we have no stock on our land but many around us are having to hand feed and water so the rain is a welcome visitor.
Thank you to everyone who entered my little give away yesterday.  As I am a few hours late drawing it I decided to draw 2 winners they are :-
Lisa V & Sylvia A.
Please contact me ladies with your postal details so that I can send out a Lucey pattern to you right away.
Hugs - Fee xx


Rose Johnston said...

Congrats Fee, on going into nursing :) a really good friend of mine did the same a few years back and she's in Neo Natal now and loves it :) it was a huge (and scary step) for her but it's so great to see her so happy and doing so well! You will make a wonderful, caring nurse too xx

Anonymous said...

Fee I wish you all
the best and I hope everything works out for you ,you are such a beautiful lady inside and out,may all your dreams come true.xx

Lisa V said...

Hi Fee, I am one of the winners of your giveaway, thank you very much for the opportunity.
I couldn't find your email link on your blog, could you email me and then I can provide you with my details. My email is in my blog profile or lisavv2675 at hotmail (dot) com

ren0vator said...

Blog looks great Fee. So much to do and so little time. Good luck to you :)

Rosie said...

Great news Fee as the world can't have enough nurses! I know I am one. If you need any help in your endeavours let me know.