Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Changes and Berry Yoghurt Muffins

Life is all about changes and how we adapt to them.  Hubby and I have gone from almost empty nesters with just a 15 year old at home to now having 2 more adults and a toddler in the house since the weekend.  Talk about different !

Any storage space that I had left is now filled as is every nook and cranny of our home.  It's only for a year or so whilst they build their new home.

I have taken the opportunity of moving things around to begin to cull some of my belongings.  Hubby and I are on a five year plan to begin to minimise and de-clutter our lives so that in around five years we can downsize to a smaller home and do some travelling.

It's also a great opportunity to clean out the pantry and the freezer over the next few weeks.  We have so many meals or portions in the freezer to suit just the 3 of us and now that there are 6 of us meal times are going to take some imagination and of course I will need more storage room in the freezer for bigger portions so last night I pulled out a selection of meats for a lovely BBQ tonight.  It's going to be a scorcher here today so a BBQ will be great.

We have lots of berries in the freezer too (my daughter's partner can't eat berries) so last night we had fresh and frozen berries with ice cream  I LOVE berries !!

I decided to make some muffins with the left over ones.

I browsed through my recipe books and came up with this divine recipe which has no butter but has yoghurt - They sounded delicious !!

Here in Tasmania we have a yoghurt brand called Tamar Valley Fruit Yoghurt.  It is delcious and sounded perfect to use in Berry Yoghurt Muffins.

And I have to say that they tasted as nice as they sound - Delicious !!  So if you have any frozen berries in the freezer that need using up try out this recipe.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


Fee xx


Melody said...

Pretty exciting to have someone little living with you. Delicious looking muffins

Marilyn said...

Seems to be the way, doesnt it, Fee. They leave then come back for a while. Their belongings leave then come back to be stored. But wouldnt have it any other way. Enjoy the extra company.

Noela said...

Lots of changes for you Fee. I'm sure you will enjoy spending Grandma time with your toddler running around. They grow up so quickly. Decluttering sounds like a great idea. I need to do some of that in my home too. Hugs......

A Consuming Passion said...

Sounds like you are in for a fun filled year! Love the muffins and just might try to make some for the Boss and I......I do have frozen berries in need of a good recipe :)

Rosie said...

Been here myself, they all moved in and out for a few years and finally brought their own homes. Now it's just the grandies who sleep over. The muffins look yummy, must give them a go as we have Tamar yoghurt way up here in North Queensland as well.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I know a little bitty person who will be spoiled for sure! :) Fun!
Ok...those muffins look so good I want to lick my computer screen!

Isabella said...

Sounds like you are going to have fun with a little one don't you love them:-)

Jonna said...

Would you please send me #2,#3, and #4 of the Hexagon Alphabets? I have not received them. Thank you Jonna Baker

Annette said...

Been there....done that also, can be fun..can be testy times as well!!! Slow cooker meals (when its not steaming hot) are great for larger quantities. Enjoy!!!