Friday, November 29, 2013

A story and a decision

Once upon a time there was a crafty mum who loved to sew, she loved to share her creations with her online friends and be inspired by them by reading and commenting on their blogs.  She found blog land to be a wonderful creative place and loved visiting it every day.  

She loved to treasure hunt and shabby up her finds to decorate her home and share with her friends her progress and her wonderful treasured finds.  She would cook and share her recipes and be inspired by the yummy food that others also created.  

She would share the ups and downs in her life including the birth of grand children, other happy moments in her life, the sad times, the lows, sickness and even death.  But would always feel that she was sharing amongst friends and there was always a shoulder to cry on or someone to wipe away the tears or even someone to celebrate with when things were wonderful.

Somehow this story took a turn - The crafty mum became a "business woman" her passion became her "job".  Her "free creating time" became "work time" and her inner fire and passion slowly began to fade.  She felt that she had lost her identity and that she could no longer enjoy the pleasures of her life as they became a necessity and a part of this "new life" that this mum thought she wanted and needed.  How wrong she was !

One day not so long ago this mum woke up and realised that this life was not for her.  Her heart no longer sung the tune that was the real "Fee".  So she decided that it was time to travel back down the path that she had begun on, the one that made her so happy and free.  

And here this story ENDS and she will begin again at the beginning ........  I hope and pray that you my blog readers and friends will walk back down that road with me .......

This means that I will not be designing in 2014 (other than the few commitments that I have).  All of my Club Commitments will be met by the end of the year and 2014 will begin a new era in my creative and blogging life.  From 1st January 2014 my blog will be centered around my family life, cooking, baking, treasure hunting and my crafting life.

I do however have a favour.  I no longer have my blog at but have instead reverted to my old blog address of  I would really appreciate it if you would update your links on your blogs if you have them or join the google connect in the side bar if you wish to continue to read my blog.

My blog will revert to

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and next time I come back it will be to show you some christmas decorating in my home.

Love and hugs,

Fee x