Saturday, September 14, 2013


The painter has prepped all 3 bedrooms, the bathroom and the loo ready for painting on Monday.  It's like living in half an empty house with the other half filled to the brim with furniture.

Hubby decided that today we would go shopping for new light fittings for all 3 bedrooms.  They all currently have 2 of these dark wood and amber fitting lamps installed in each room.

So off we went to our local light fitting store.  Having not purchased light fittings for years and years I was astounded at the choice and the beauty of them.

There were lots and lots that I fell in love with but most of them were a bit girly for hubby and as he was paying I had to tow the line.

I loved all of the ones with "bling" but they weren't really very practical for our home.  I could imagine valuable stitching time would be wasted washing those hanging crystals.

A lot of them were more suitable for modern homes

This one was a favourite, although hubby didn't like it at all. 

 Maybe I can save my pennies and buy it for my studio?  Now there's a thought !!

So this is what we ended up with - 6 of these.  The electrician is booked to install them once the rooms are finished.

It's nearing the end of the day and I have spent a little time this afternoon prepping some stitchery and a new project whilst I watch the footy again tonight.

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday.

Hugs - Fee xx


Jo in TAS said...

Pity I didn't know you when we took down all our chandeliers, you would have loved them!

Dawn said...

I'm with you BLING BLING BLING but my Hubby too hates it..LOL...the new ones sure willlook fab once their in the rooms.. happy re-arranging
Hugs Dawn x x

Susan said...

Bling does seem to attract dust - and repel husbands! I think you made a great compromise.

Heleen Groot said...

I loved the modern take on the chandelier, I can see why it was your favourite! I think it would look stunning in any room....especially a sewing room! Maybe if you ask Santa....really nicely? Good luck on the rest of the remodel!

Noela said...

Too many choices when it comes to lights now. I like the ones you have picked. Look forward to seeing the new rooms when they are finished. hugs......