Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gluten Free & Low Carb Quiche Slice Recipe

Today I thought I would share with you my Gluten Free & Low Carb Quiche Recipe.  It is delicious served warm or even served cold with a salad.  

You will require the following ingredients :-

8 Pieces Short Cut Bacon Diced
200ml Cream (not whipped)
1 Medium Onion Diced
1 1/2 Cups Grated Cheese
6 Eggs
1/3rd of a Medium Sized Zucchini Grated
Black Pepper

Crack the 6 eggs into a mixing bowl and whip together for around 2 minutes so they are light and fluffy.

Add the Bacon, Cheese, Onion, Zucchini, Cream and Black Pepper and mix together well

Pour the quiche mix into a greased lamington pan (I use a silicon one as it is easier to remove).  Place in a moderate oven (around 180 degrees celcius) for around 30 minutes.

The top should brown nicely.  Leave in the tray to cool slightly and firm up and then it's ready to eat !!

It's delicious !!!

I hope you enjoy making it.


Fee xx


Christine M said...

Looks yummy Fee. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Charimeru said...

Lo voy ha probar este fin de semana y ya te contaré, gracias por compartir!!!