Friday, August 2, 2013

Some Sewing & Treasure Hunting

I have been very busy in the stitching department the last week or so.  Another Block of Garden Treasures has been finished and we are now up to Month 9 - Not long to go now.

I have been playing with some of this for a new design.  The quilt will be released during Fee's Shabby Shack's Birthday Celebrations next month.  I will be working my little fingers to the bone until then but I am very excited about this new project - It is coming together beautifully.  

If you have been a long time blog follower you would know that I love to treasure hunt.  I visit my favourite haunt every Wednesday but I have not uncovered very much for weeks.  This week I was pleased to find a "Diggers" Fruit and Vegetable Garden book which is now sitting next to my recliner ready for me to read from cover to cover.  

The fruit and vegetable garden are high on our agenda this year and as soon as the weather takes up we will be spending some time in it.  Hopefully this new book for the bargain price of $3.00 will give us some much needed tips.

And look at this beauty !  It is a minature (1/2 sized) wicker basket which is almost identical to one my grandma had.  I fell in love instantly when I saw it from a distance.  As soon as my eyes spotted it I knew it was mine - no matter what the cost as I know these baskets are highly collectible.

But as you can see from the price tag I got the bargain of the year !!!  Totally love it !  Now I just have to decide what I will display in it.......  Some lovely rolled up Greengate teatowels would be nice don't you think?  Any ideas.

Hugs - Fee


Helen said...

Cute stitchery ,love your basket what a bargain,enjoy your time in the upcoming veggie garden very therapeuticI .look forward to seeing all the veggies

Sandi said...

You never know what treasures you will find on your trips around. How lucky to find that adorable basket. The garden book will be useful too. Looking forward to seeing your designs.