Sunday, July 14, 2013

Almost A Month

It's been almost a month since I have blogged.  Life just seems to get more hectic around here.  In that time I have had 2 weeks holidays which included a 6 day trip to Victoria.  I am back to work tomorrow which means back to my normal routines.

Our trip was much needed "us" time and went way too quick.  We caught up with lots of friends, some we hadn't seen for ages.  We had some retail therapy and did our bit for the economy.

Things have been a little quieter on the sewing front.  I have finished a few commissions for some magazines and have plodded away on some BOMs, trying to keep up to date.

And we have had 2 new additions to our breeding Cattery.  Meet ULANI and VASHTI.  2 gorgeous Australian Mists who had their first show today and did very well.

Hopefully I can be a better blogger and pop back in here more often.


Fee x


Larissa said...

Your new quilt looks gorgeous ... and is that a Mrs Beasley Sampler Quilt I spy being stitched?!! It is such a gorgeous block!!! ... Glad to hear you got a bit of a holiday in there! Visiting friends is always good therapy! And those two new family members are just darling!! Well done on their ribbons!!! Big Hugs! xx

Christine M said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday. Your block is looking lovely. The newest members of the family are very cute too.

Helen said...

The block is looking lovely great stitching !!

Noela said...

Glad you had a great holiday. Retail therapy is always good. Your Mrs Beasley block is looking good. Hugs.......

Wendyb said...

Oh hunny....I soooo know what you mean......why does life keep getting in the way??!!! Glad you got some time away and back all refreshed and raring to go now!?! big big sugary sweety hugs :o) xox