Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Easter Break

 I had really meant to blog sometime last week before Easter but the time just got away.  With my hubby retiring late last year it was supposed to make my life less busy but somehow it doesn't seem that way at the moment - Let's hope THAT changes.  

We went to Salamanca Market on Saturday morning with our 2 youngest daughters for a lovely relaxing breakfast in the autumn sunshine and then went for a stroll around the markets.  I managed to find some jam raspberries so of course I just had to buy some.

So by Saturday afternoon we had a pantry full of this - Lovely FRESH Raspberry Jam.

Whilst I was in the bottling mood I decided to make some Tomato Relish from Canned Tomatoes for the pantry for winter - I love to use it in casseroles and one pot dinners for some extra flavour.  It is a lovely heart warming recipe which I have shared on my Shabby, Frugal and Free website today.

A lovely heart warming pot of pumpkin soup was made too - Part of it was put in the freezer for an easy meal in the next week or two.  Do you do that too?  Sometimes I just can't be bothered cooking for one reason or another so it is nice to make some extra's for the freezer to be used at those times.

I have also been busy in the studio over the Easter break.  4 new designs were finished and 3 of the patterns are already written up.  This is my little personalised christmas stocking.  It stands 9" high.  Amy was very pleased to see that the sample was made for her.

And I finished off this little table mat which is a perfect size for a tray or for afternoon tea.  It is an oversized mug rug really.  

And my favourite project from the weekend is my "Gone Potty" shoulder slouch bag.

All 3 NEW designs can be found over HERE at my new CRAFTSY store - All are very reasonable priced starting at just $4.00 and you can download them instantly in a PDF format.

See you later in the week.


Fee xx


Noela said...

Your jam looks yummy Fee. Am looking forward to checking out the markets when we come down for a visit this week. Have been told to pack our warm clothes. Hugs.....

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Those raspberries look so yummy!
I always freeze leftovers, especially soups like pea and ham and Lasagne too.

Mrs Shepo said...

What a very productive Easter weekend you had Fiona, cooking and sewing, they all look great, and yes, I am always freezing leftovers, especially in small serves, great for me if I am home alone. Cheers. XX

Unknown said...


I love your manicure.

Vickie in Kentucky