Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Autumn & Stitching

We are now into the second month of Autumn here in Australia and even though our days are still nice the nights are beginning to be a little chilly.  

One of my favourite things about Autumn is being able to snuggle under a quilt each night after dinner with my stitching on my lap.  The last few nights somebody has had different ideas.

Dreamer has plonked himself on my lap almost as soon as I sit down each evening.  He looks super comfy don't you think?  

So not as much stitching as usual for me - I just haven't had the heart to disturb him.  It makes my back ache if I have to sit hunched with my stitching so it's just easier to let him have an hour or so and then evict him so I can stitch.

Do you always follow a pattern when it comes to thread colours?  I prefer to match my threads to the fabrics that I am working with - I do not always put thread numbers in my patterns but instead prefer to give you the colour like "Mid Blue" 

I have just been asked to make something in "Buttercup Yellow" so I have chosen the fabric and have matched the threads to the fabric and here is the end result - I think it matches in okay - Do you?  They are not the colour palette that I am used to working with.

Month 8 of my Framed Hexagon Club is almost ready for release - I am really enjoying these.  It is fun going through my scrap box each month looking for nice pastels to meld in with the rest.

I have been asked a lot recently about if my drawings are available to download instead of a full pattern.  I wondered if that was something that people would enjoy, being able to stitch the scenes and drawings without a pattern to make it into something.  

I have decided to upload a few designs to my CRAFTSY shop to see how they go.  I will do that in the next day or two.  If you want to follow me over there just add me to your followers list and each time I list something new in my pattern store they will let you know.

Happy hump day to you all tomorrow.  I have a day off and a hair appointment to cover up the silver which keeps coming through !  Then we are off out to dinner to celebrate my oldest daughter Samantha's birthday with the rest of the family.


Fee x


Susan said...

chuckle chuckle, I am well known for not following the colours in patterns at all - but I do usually get the borders or fabrics before I choose the threads. enjoy your night!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Ha ha Dreamer looks so comfy there no wonder you can't move him straight away....Your colours look lovely Fee!

Cheryll said...

Love the soft colours in the hexies. They ALL look wonderful! :)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Dreamer is just too adorable! Is he a Russian Blue?
Love your stitchery and good luck on Craftsy. I know your beautiful designs will be so successful.
Hugs! :)

Jan Gartlan said...

What lovely stitching. Such an adorable cat. They always find the best places to sleep!