Saturday, March 2, 2013

This & That


It’s been really nice to have the time to just stitch over the past few days.  I decided to re-stitch a few blocks from my BOM “Garden Treasures”.  These will be made into companion items to go with the quilt.  I stitched this one in different colours to the original.


This one is a favourite I have stitched it a few times now and never tire of it.


I think when we craft it is important to recognise our strengths and weaknesses and even though I love the finished result of piecing I am not a patient piecer and get very bored with the process.  I really want matching quilts for our recliner so I am determined that the 2 Paris Flea Market Quilts will get finished and not become yet another UFO BUT



I am sure that when I looked at the pretty photographs of the finished quilt that my brain did not register about how many small pieces were contained in this quilt – What was I thinking??


But I came up with a strategy of making a little pile, stitching it, ironing it and then walking away until I began again.  It worked and I now have all of the bits pieced and ready to assemble into rows including all of the little flying geese !


I know that once they are finished that I am going to be thrilled with the result so I am hanging in there – Just a little bit at a time.



Another project that I would like to keep going with this year is “This Goes With That”



This morning I opened up the box again and decided to get some ready to take with me to Adelaide next week,  They will be perfect for our sit and stitch sessions


This is going to be a lovely quilt once it’s finished I wonder if that will eventuate in 2013?  I really hope so.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.


Fee xx


Annette said...

Hope you are feeling better. I'm also hooked on This Goes with That, I've started putting them together & will be taking some to Broken Hill shortly....Take care, Annette

Cheryll said...

You HaVe been busy... and on a wonderful project too. Hope your toe is healing nicely! :)

Susan said...

It surely will be worth it to finish your recliner quilts - and a good method to do a bit at a time. I also have TGWT - but it got stalled after month day I will get back to it.

Nicky said...

You have some beautiful projects happening Fee, all so lovely! The Paris Flea Market quilt is stunning, and you are making two of them, that is a great effort, and I like your strategy, it is definitely paying off! Have a lovely weekend......

Lady Jane said...

I know what you were thinking. It will be just lovely when done and worth all the work.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

All that piecing will be forgotten when you have the finished quilt to admire Fee.

Stella's Blooms said...

I see you are busy as always, Fee. Keep up the great work.