Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Projects on The Go

Are you like me and have lots of projects on the go at once?  This is how I store some of my current projects.  It makes it easy to grab which ever one that takes my fancy to stitch.  Today I thought I might share a peek of what’s inside a couple of them.

I am very fortunate to be able to stitch Jenny’s new upcoming BOM “Daisy A Day” – I just love every block – Just wait until you see it – It is adorable.

The gumboots just had to be red for me – I had lots of fun choosing threads.

Each block has so much detail – Wait until you see the book store – That’s the one I’m stitching next

Inside another box is all of my blocks from my “Garden Treasures” BOM.  I am enjoying drawing and stitching each block.  This one is the large centre block of the quilt.

What about you do you have lots of projects on the go at once to?

How do you store yours?  I would love to know.

Love and Hugs,

Fee xx


Roseanne said...

What a great idea to put all your projects in the tubs.

Maria said...

Those stitcheries are delightful!

boysmum2 said...

The gumboots are so cute, they just wouldn't suit any other colour!

Kathy said...

Do love the red gummies! I keep my ongoing projects in rattan baskets of varying sizes. They are very decorative scattered about the place...which means they're not exactly calling "finish me"!

Melanie said...

What beautiful stitcheries. x

Cheryll said...

Each block is gorgeous Fee. And I have a basket in which I place large plastic bags with pattern and fabric inside for different projects I have on the go. And at the moment it's over flowing... typical of stitchers &

Noela said...

I put my projects in containers as well. If they are only small then I use a large zip lock bag otherwise I keep losing bits in my sewing room and it takes me ages to find them. Love Jenny's design and the colours you have chosen. Hugs.....

Anonymous said...

You seem very organised with your plastic crates, what a good idea, I bet it keeps all the pieces clean too. My projects are carefully thrown into a large basket and carefully yanked out when the urge comes to me!

Larissa said...

I'm constantly trying different ideas to organise my projects ... but then they merge and grow ... and I become confused as pieces are here, there, everywhere! :) ... I was actually looking at the Spotlight catalogue this afternoon and saw some scrapbook storage boxes (30x30cm) that I'm thinking of getting to organise some of my projects - at least that way I should be able to get a *bit* more organised. I do have to go through the bookshelf that stores my craft in too ... put some things (that aren't currently being used) away in storage so that others can go in there rather than sitting out on the desks.

Each of the stitcheries are cute - I'm looking forward to when i can get my hand on Jenny's 'daisy' quilt pattern ... they're gorgeous!! Lucky you getting to stitch them early!! ;)

Wendy said...

so beautiful stitching going on there!

I can't believe how organised you are. I have two projects in their own tote bags, everything else is just chucked in various places all higgeldy piggledy!

Christine M said...

Your stitcheries are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the whole project.

De said...

Gorgeous work Fee and very organised. I like to start off organised and have each project in its own home...either container or bag ...but it never stays that way for long.

Fiona said...

Lovely stitcheries and you are so neat and consistent.... I store mine in plastic containers too... but not so neatly!!!

Susan said...

All my projects are in containers - mainly plastic and a few decorated boxes from the $2 shops. And all the plastic ones are labelled with my handy dandy label maker (best piece of equipment we ever got!). Oh no - I am not a control freak at all!
Jenny's Daisy pattern is shaping up to be really pretty, as is your garden quilt.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Great stitcheries. I use Scrapbook paper storage tubs for all my WIPS and try really hard to limit my WIPS to the number of boxes I have - currently 8! hugs