Friday, March 1, 2013

Hanging your quilt the cheap way !


Now that we are a one income household it is important for us to watch our spending and I am always looking to save a $ here and there. 

This quilt as you know has been a UFO for over 2 years.  I finally got myself to finish it and it has now been quilted and bound and ready to hang.  BUT there is a problem.  It is 44” wide and not going to be easy to hang and isn’t going to look good unless it’s kept nice and straight at the top.

I decided to hang it with dowel, eyes and ribbon.


The first thing I did was to cut a 2” wide strip around 44” long.

I folded the raw ends in and then folded the strip in half so that the raw edges were together.  I pressed it flat and then pinned the raw edge to the top raw edge of the quilt before I put the binding on.

I then put the binding on as I normally would and the pocket edge was sewn into the same seam.  After sewing down the binding I stitched the folded edge of the pocket down to the back of the quilt.


Next I cut my dowling  so that a small part of it poked out of each end of the pocket – In this case it was about 42” long. 


I then screwed a brass eye into either end of it.


Finally I tied some ribbon to each eye to make a hanger.


So there you go – I was able to hang the quilt for just $4


And finally it is hanging on our bedroom wall


Today is the 1st March and the first day of Autumn here in Australia. 2 Months of this year have already passed us by but I am pleased to say that my little promise to myself of finishing 1 UFO per month is still in play.  Next time I’ll show you the quilt I finished as my February UFO finish.

Thanks for the well wishes about my surgery.  It went well and now I just have to be patient as it heals.


Fee xx


marina said...

what a great idea, thanks for sharing. I am always looking for ways to hang my quilted hangings.

Cheryll said...

Glad to hear all went well with the toe... and the wall hanging is gorgeous! Lots of time for more sewing by the sounds of it! :)

By Hoki Quilts said...

Good on you Fee, incase you ever need to hang a larger quilt and find that dowling sags a bit in the middle don't go past your local garden centre. I have for years been using the metal lined plant stakes, they come in a beautiful green, have knobbly bits on them that are useful for hanging cords, come in a variety of sizes, are totally recyclable AND are fairly cost effective - bonus!
Hey, hows the foot honey?
lots of hugs xx