Saturday, February 16, 2013

The start to a lovely weekend


I don’t often enter blog competitions but recently watched a video on Kathy Schmitz’s blog of how she designs her fabric – It was just gorgeous watching the drawings become paintings which then become fabric.  I couldn’t help but leave a comment and I won this sweet little 2 1/2” charm pack of her new range “Round Robin”.  Kathy also sent me some adorable little gift cards featuring 2 of my favourite things – A Kitty Cat and quilts.  Thanks so much Kathy !


It seems like ages since I have been treasure hunting so on my way home from work yesterday I decided to stop in at one of my favourite thrift stores and found this gorgeous work of art.  Someone has spent many hours on this beauty.  I was more than happy to pay the $1 to make it mine.  I think I will paint the frame white and hang it in my bathroom which is currently undergoing a mini makeover.


Last night we took Miss Amy and 4 of her friends bowling and out for some dinner for her birthday.  Whilst they were bowling hubby and I made a quick trip to the hardware store for some tile paint – That is another story for another day.

I passed these Sweet Williams on our way into the store and just couldn’t resist buying some for the pots at the front door.  They always remind me of my grandma who adored them so now I have some planted and I will think of her every time I see them.


This gorgeous bundle of fabric arrived in the mail this week


Along with this pattern.  I fell in love with it when I ordered it and now that I have it here I love it even more.  Hubby and I wanted matching quilts for our recliners and I have been looking around for the perfect quilt so now I think I have found it.  I have ordered a second kit so that we each have one.


I have cut it all out and have started the process of putting it all together


It is going to take awhile but I am hoping to have the first quilt top finished before the second kit arrives – I wonder how I’ll go?

This year of crafting and sewing is all about gift giving and items for my home.  I have lots of projects in mind for different rooms of our house.  Next up will be a sweet little bathroom mat from scraps.


Fee xxx


Noela said...

Congratulations on your win. The fabric in the mini charm looks nice. Paris Flea Market is beautiful. Have been a fan of 3 Sisters since I started quilting. Have lots of their fabric in my stash. Have fun making your quilt. Hugs....

Larissa said...

What a lovely win!! Congratulations!! Any ideas on what you'll use the mini charms for? What a gorgeous card!!! ... The cross-stitch looks fabulous - and wow that would have taken a lot of days/weeks worth of (full-on) work!! I always love me some cross-stitch! Is that on 16pt or 18pt aida? Either way, very delicate work!! ... The Sweet Williams are beautiful - they'll look even more fabulous once they've taken over the whole pot!! Gorgeous multi-coloured petals! ... And the Paris Flea Market Find pattern looks sweet - those fabrics will be perfect!! Those fabric combinations in the strips look lovely together!!! ... And where did you get the double pins?!! I don't think I've ever seen them in the stores up here!! They'd be sooooo handy!!! :) Have a great weekend!! x

Marilyn said...

The quilt you are working on looks beautiful. Will be waiting to see that one when it is finished (and the second one). The cross stitch was an amazing find.
The sweet Williams are so pretty.
Hugs xx

Christine M said...

Congratulations on your win. What a wonderful find the rose cross stitch is. It will look lovely with a white frame. Those fabrics are so pretty for your quilt. Having two of them will look lovely.

Scottish Nanna said...

Congrats on your win I like doing cross stitch that one is lovely.I love the sweet william flowers they remind me of scotland like you my grannie had them in her garden looking forward to seeing the quilts you make for your chairs.Have A happy week stitching.
Hugs Mary.xx