Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Getting back to normal



The busy time at work is now over after 4 months of long days and little time off.  I am looking forward to catching up with you all and getting some sewing done as well as spending some time in the garden whilst the days are still nice.


Before we know it Autumn will be upon us and the sunny days will begin to turn cold.  Working in the industry that I do the warmer months are the busiest months so I never get to spend much time lazing around in the sunshine but this weekend I am making no plans whatsoever and will be doing whatever my heart desires.



Relaxing will definitely be on the agenda.  I am dreaming of a laze around on the settee in the sunshine in our breeze through with a good book on my lap and a nice chilled glass of wine beside me.   Hmmmm  hurry up Saturday !


What about you – What is  ultimate relaxation to you?

Hugs – Fee x


Anonymous said...

glad you can relax now,you deserve it.xx

Susan said...

Sounds great ..
my relaxation - hand sewing - preferably stitcheries and good company so you can chat or not as you feel.

Scottish Nanna said...

HMM My stitching on my lap and A cup of tea and A chocolate biscuit.thats what I like.Hope you have A relaxing weekend.Hugs Mary.xx

Lib said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Enjoy.

Noela said...

Stitching is my relaxation. Enjoy your weekend in the sun Fee. Hope it doesn't get too cold down there as we are visiting family after Easter. Hugs....

De said...

Sounds lovely Fee...enjoy it!