Tuesday, January 15, 2013



I am very lucky to live in a lovely country and in a beautiful home state full of State Forests, Picturesque Mountains, Beautiful Beaches and lots of beautiful farm land but at this time of the year after an especially dry winter it can be a very dangerous place to be. 

Our state has been subject to some dreadful fires and now lots of different fires have begun in other states.  It is frightening the amount of damage, loss of property and the loss of life that occurs when we have uncontrolled fires – Stay safe and do what you can for the bushfire relief programs being run by Red Cross.  2 shops in my home state are both holding stitching days this weekend – Calico Crossroads & The Quilted Crow, sadly I have to work but I will be making donations to both.



Some friends were evacuated from their home because of the fires and weren’t allowed back for a number of days so we hosted them for a roast dinner – These are the flowers they brought me – That was so thoughtful and totally unnecessary but they didn’t want to come empty handed – Bless them xxxx

Garden Treasures

I have been keeping busy of an evening stitching some more blocks in my Garden Treasures Quilt.  It is coming together nicely.


I would have blogged before now but Blogger has been playing up for ages so finally I have resorted to Live Writer which seems much easier than I expected.

Have a lovely week.


Fee xx


Cheryll said...

Yes Fee... the fires are just awful! But your stitchery ~ garden treasures is anything but.. they are gorgeous!

Susan said...

The fires have been so bad this year. Hopefully they all die down soon and we get the rain we now need so much.

Susan said...

The fires have been so bad this year. Hopefully they all die down soon and we get the rain we now need so much.

Bluebell said...

Hi Fee, we in England see the fires on our news programmes and they look terrifying, it must be very frightening to be in the path of one.
I love your Garden Treasures stitchery. I have posted my first 3 framed hexagons they are so pretty and lovely to do.


Noela said...

Spectacular photo Fee. The fires have been very bad down there, so much loss of property. It would be nice to get some much needed rain. Hugs....

Quilt Kitty said...

What we are seeing of the fires & those effected is heart-breaking. At least we can do our bit from afar. I would be very happy to win something in Pauline's raffle. Tracee xx

Nancy Page said...

The fires and their devastation is heart-breaking. We can see what is happening on our news here in the U.S. All of Australia is in my thoughts and prayers.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

Melody said...

The fires are very scary and a huge contrast to your beautiful stitcheries, which looks so serene

Wendyb said...

beautiful stitcheries Fee.....and the fires are dreadful!
LiveWriter is a breeze to'll love it!
xox sugary hugs
Wendy :O)