Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This is a crazy time of year for everyone and especially in our hosuehold at the moment.  A number of BIG changes have occured in our lives including Mr Fee retiring and our 3rd oldest child leaving the nest.   That only leaves us with one cherub at home now in this big expanse of a house.

How much time we spend together as a couple and the things we choose to do in our spare time have become a priority and we are enjoying one on one time so much more now.  It's funny to look back at how our priorities change each day, each week and even each year. 

Our outlook on the future has totally changed from what it was 3 months ago.  Instead of dwelling on the negatives of empty nest syndrome and going from 2 wages to 1 we are instead trying to grasp the changes and turn them into positives.

It has been pretty much a roller coaster ride the past few years, just this year we have been through a number of rocky patches in our lives will illness, major surgery, stress and worry. 

No different to most families but when it happens year after year you just decide to put your hand up and surrender.

The birth of "Fee's Shabby Shack" in September of this year has been a blessing in many ways.  I never dreamed it would be as successful as it has become to the point that it now consumes a large chunk of my free time.  The time to change the concept a little has come and in the new year these changes will be introduced.  We will also be making a number of small changes in our everyday lives.

The aim of that is to simplify it and not complicate it.  Basically I just want to work my day job, spend some time at "The Shack" each evening and get back to designing and doing the things I love. 

I have to take my finger out of all the pies it has been in and get back to basics.  I have to learn to say "NO".

Spending quality time with my man is my number one priority and designing and stitching is just a part of who I am - I am not happy unless I have a needle and thread in hand each evening and these past months have seen less and less of that - That is one thing that WILL change.

And Blogging - I miss it so much - I miss sharing my everyday life with you, I miss spending time treasure hunting, I miss decorating my home and just catching up daily on what you have been up to.......

So from now until the end of the year when I get a 9 day break from work my spare time will be spent preparing for the changes to take us into 2013.  I hope that you continue to visit with me into 2013 and can forgive me for being AWOL these past few months.  I have now realised the load I have been carrying and it is time to get rid of some of it.

2013 will be exciting in lots of ways - A few changes for the better and lot's more Blogging !

Thanks for being there.

Fee xxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

well said Fee and bravo for being brave enough to make these changes,all the best my friend and i for one will continue to visit my very clever friend.xx

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Best of luck with implementing your changes in 2013.
Merry Christmas to you & your family Fiona!

Fiona said...

WEll said.... and all the best with the planning... follow your heart and keep happy...

Debbie said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Sisbabestitches said...

Some times it IS figuring things out as you go, then it can take so much courage to adapt when things don't end up quite as you expected, especially when the things are actually good. There can definitely be a bit too much of a good thing, who knew? :) Hope the roller coaster evens out a bit next year :) I will be glad to 'see' more of you I love reading your posts.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Good on you Fee...all very well said! To see that word 'Simplify' conjures up all sorts of images...I just might have to take it on board as well. Congratulations on the success of the 'Shack'...looking forward to seeing you around more in 2013 xoxox

Noela said...

All the best with your changes in 2013. You need to be happy with what your doing and time spent with your hubby is always important. I know I hate when I don't get to stitch or quilt for a few days so hope you can get back to your designing soon. Hugs.....

Mrs Shepo said...

Welcome back to your blogging Fiona, I love how you can put things into words, and always look forward to reading your blog, also sounds like your Shabby Shack is doing so well. Finished block 1 of BOM, love it. Cheers. XX