Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coin Purse Tutorial Using Sew-In Frame

Today over at the Shabby Shack we have 2 different types of sew-in purse frames on offer so I thought I would give you the pattern and a tutorial to make your own purses using them - They would make lovely gifts this Christmas.

You will need some Template Plastic, 9" X 10" each of Fusible wadding such as Pellon or Parlan, Outer Fabric and Lining Fabric + an 8.5cm sew-in purse frame.  You will also need to download the template patterns from HERE.

From the pattern sheet make a template of the purse shape and also of the gusset.  Trace around the template and cut 2 purse shapes and 1 gusset from the Outer Fabric, Inner Fabric and Fusible Wadding.

Next fuse the wadding to the lining shapes with a hot iron. (I have cut mine down a little to show you where they go) Set aside.

Take one of the outer fabric purse shapes and the gusset and fold both in half and press with your finger to make a half way make.

Match them together

And with right sides together pin the gusset to the purse shape all the way around the curve on either side of the half way mark.  The gusset does not reach the end of the purse piece

Repeat with the lining and then sew all the way around the gusset.  Next place the last purse shape on the other side of the gusset on both the outer and lining and sew in place

This will give you 2 purse pieces (the lining and outer)  Turn the outer to the right side but leave the inner the way it is.  Place the outer into the inner and match the forked sides.

Pin into place on both sides matching the raw edges

Then sew from seam to seam on either side

Turn to the right side and gently press the side sewn seams with a hot iron.

Now you will just have raw edges on either side of the top of the purse.

Carefully sew around each raw edge joining the lining and outer fabric together on each side (sew about 1/8th") from the edge

This will now give you a nice edge to insert into the purse frame.  Choose some embroidery thread to match your fabric and thread a needle with 2 strands.

Place the edge of the purse frame to the raw edge on one side of the purse.  Put the needle through the fabric first and then the first hole in the frame.

Then take the needle down through the hole next to it out and back out on the inside of the purse just under the lip to hide your stitches.   

Continue sewing all the way along.  Use your needle to push the fabric up under the lip on the inside as you go.

Once you get all the way along your sewn side of the purse will look like this (do not cut the thread off yet)

Next go back along the purse and go in and out of the holes you missed so that all stitches look joined.  Once you get to the end secure the thread and tie off.

This is how it will look from the inside of the purse.

Now continue on the other side in exactly the same way.

And Voila - You have now finished your purse - Wasn't that easy?

What a gorgeous gift it would make

Both purse frames are just as nice as one another - I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.  I would love to see how you go with making yours.


Fee xx


grann616 said...

I would love to see you put up kits to go with this tute!! Great gifts for daughters for Christmas!! Sharon Lozano

Annette said...

Thanks for the tutorial...have ordered some frames. Also luv your choice of nail polish!!! Annette

Sheila said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial , the little purse is adorable. Sheila

Leanna said...

Oh Fee!
I've read your tutorial...studied the photos...maybe I can do this too? You truly have a gift for wording things beautifully and showing the steps from just the right angle in your photographs. Incredible. You're so smart! Thank you!

Noela said...

Great tutorial Fee. Will have to make one of these one day. Hugs....

Barb said...

Thanks for the was GREAT!

Unknown said...

Oh Fee they are gorgeous, thank you so much for the tutorial. I am going to give this a try.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a fabulous tutorial, Fee!! Love the fabrics you chose, too... ;-)

Bluebell said...

Hi Fee, I have been wanting to do one of these for ages but could not fathom it out, your tutorial is brilliant, now I will give it a try.


Anonymous said...

thankyou so very much Fee for showing how to make this,its so kind of you to share your knowledge.xx

LUNA said...

Thank you !

Unknown said...

What a terrific idea and you are so talented! I can't sew if my life depended on it.

I love the shabby fabrics. Thank you for sharing the step by least this way if I want to attempt sewing I know how to start :-)

Happy Sewing,

Ana Love Craft said...

Hi Fee,so adorable! Love frame purses! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! I'd love for you to visit my blog.
Happy weekend!

Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft