Friday, September 21, 2012

My week off has come to an end .........

I haven't blogged for over a week - Gosh time flies when you are having fun.  I have had a week off work for some R & R and have spent most of it getting little jobs done around the house and in the studio.  I have had a very happy Toby who hasn't left my side all week.  He loves it when mummy is home.

I spent some time playing with these delicious fabrics

And every day new deliveries of stock have arrived - It has been a lot of fun opening each box to see what is inside

If you are a newsletter subscriber these shabby pretties will be familiar to you as they were yesterday's Deal of the Day.

I have almost finished my butterfly coin quilt - The dragonfly version has arrived at Dawn's ready to be quilted and this one will be sent very soon.  Did you know that Dawn only charges $50 to do an all over meander stipple?  Cheap as chips and she does a wonderful job.  Once both quilts are finished they will be kitted up and will be packed away for next year's road show - Then onto the next project.

These are the off cuts from the quilt making - I thought I might do a tutorial with them?  Want to watch?  I'll be back over the weekend with an easy tutorial for you.


Fee X


Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Fee I love your dog Toby we lost our dog in May and we miss him I could get very attached to your Toby if I lived over near you.he is so cute
Hugs Mary.

Cheryll said...

You've been busy NOT!
Have enjoyed all your "specials" too. Thanks.. :)

Melody said...

Looking forward to your tutorial. I do love to see little Toby. Have a wonderful weekend.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Toby is just precious. Glad you had some time off. Indeed, it does fly by.

Unknown said...

From your tutorial I got a nice idea and I 'll just share it to your blog...