Friday, September 28, 2012

Spring Sunshine

The spring sunshine has been just gorgeous here in Tasmania but sadly today and for the weekend it is forecast for rain, hail and whatever else mother nature feels like throwing at us but having 2 beautiful days in a row was a real blessing for this time of the year. 

This garden bed is one that we did some work on early last year in a bid to make the gardens a bit less work.  We have 3 acres and 1 acre is gardens - They are beautiful to walk around but lots and lots of work.  It's hard to believe that the lavender and the 3 natives are just 1 year old - They have grown so fast.

It was lovely to be able to pick a bunch of spring cheer to brighten up the house.

I have had a bit of fun cutting bundles of shabby loveliness for Fee's Shabby Shack.  There is just something about organza wrapped bundles isn't there?

And in between working on the business and the garden I have been putting together some of my "This Goes With That" Hexagons - I am really enjoying this BOM

It is fun dreaming up combinations of colours and patterns

They are a great portable project and easy to put together

And of course using delicious "Ruby" fabrics makes it even nicer.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Fee XX

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's Get Stitched 2013

It is starting to get very exciting.  The details for Let's Get Stitched for 2013 have been released and the BLOG is now up and running.
Will you join us?
It is going to be a wonderful 3 days of Fun, Laughter, Stitching & Shopping.
Today I have started work on my project that I will be teaching on this weekend.  The fabrics are just gorgeous and I wish I could scrunch up the scraps like you do with scone dough and not waste any.

But sadly I can't and I'll have to be brave and throw them away.  There are lots of pieces being sewn together and my studio looks a little messy.  But the project is coming together nicely. 
It is very exciting to be planning our annual trip and Dawn & Judy have today visited our seaside accomodation and sent me lots of gorgeous pics.  I can't wait !!  Won't you join us too?
Fee X


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scrappy Heat Pack Tutorial

Here is my promised Tutorial to make a scrappy Heat Pack.  I used the scraps from the Butterfly Quilt that I recently put together and other pieces in my scrap bin.  The Heat Pack has a removable cover for easy heating in the microwave.  So Let's Begin :-

You will Need :-

Twelve 2 1/2" Assorted Squares
One 12 1/2" X 5" of White Homespun for the front panel
Two 7" X 10 1/2" of Homespun for the wheat bag
One 9" X 12 1/2" Pink Tonal for the back of the cover
One 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" Rectangle of Green for the centre Panel
One 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" Rectangle of Easyfix or Vliesofix
Two 2 1/2" Sraps for the hearts and Easyfix for the back of each
Four 5" Pieces of Gingham Ribbon
Matching Embroidery Thread
Approx 5 Cups of Wheat or Rice
Handful of Lavender Buds

Download the Heart Pattern from HERE

Sew two lots of 6 of the 2 1/2" squares to form 2 strips.  Press the seams and join top and bottom to the front panel of Homespun (12 1/2" X 5") 

Next trace a heart onto the paper side of the two smaller pieces of Easyfix with a pencil.  With a hot iron press the non-paper side to the wrong side of the 2 1/2" scrap squares.  Cut the hearts out on the traced line and fuse onto the 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" Rectangle of Green.  With 2 strands of embroidery thread blanket stitch around each heart.

Fuse the remaining rectangle of Easyfix to the back of the green rectangle with a hot iron.  Draw a 1/4" line onto the back paper side of the rectangle on all 4 sides. 

Using pinking shears cut along each line.


Peel off the paper backing and fuse the rectangle to the centre of the white homespun panel on the front piece of the bag.

On one of the short sides of the bag front fold over the raw edge 1/4" on one end .  Place the raw edge of one of the pieces of ribbon onto the folded edge so that the ribbon is laying on the body of the bag.  I have lined up the ribbon on the seam where the 2 1/2" square meets the white homespun panel on the front.  Whilst holding it in place fold over another 1/4" so that the ribbon becomes part of the fold and the ribbon is facing away from the body of the bag.  Pin into place.  Repeat for the otherside of the bag. 

Once you have trapped the two pieces of ribbon on the bag front and have pinned it, lay the pice of pink tonal backing fabric over the top and mark the placement of the ribbons on the bag front to the pink tonal so that they are in the same position. 

 Repeat the same procedure for trapping the ribbon and then sew along both seams.

Lay both pieces on top of one another with the right sides together and all ribbon on the same end. Sew around all 3 sides leaving the ribbon end open. Clip the corners and turn. Press. You have now completed the bag front.

Next sew both pieces of the wheat bag inner together along 3 sides.  Then sew around again about 1/8" in from your first sewing line.  This will give the bag added strength.  Clip the corners and turn to the right side.  Press.

Now it's time to fill the bag.  You can use either wheat or rice but remember that a small cup of water should always be placed in the microwave when heating bags.  I like to add a handful of lavender to my wheat bags too.

I like to use a cup to  make the job of filling it easier

Fill to about 2/3rds full

Fold over the top of the bag all the way around about 1/2"

Pin together and sew the opening closed.  I like to double sew this for added strength.

Your inner bag is now complete. Place it inside it's pretty cover to use

Tie up the ribbons to keep it inside

You might also like to stitch around the rectangle on the front with some embroidery thread

These are a lovely item to give as a gift and mine was completely made from my scrap bin

I really hope you enjoy making my Scrappy Wheat Bag


Fee XX

Friday, September 21, 2012

My week off has come to an end .........

I haven't blogged for over a week - Gosh time flies when you are having fun.  I have had a week off work for some R & R and have spent most of it getting little jobs done around the house and in the studio.  I have had a very happy Toby who hasn't left my side all week.  He loves it when mummy is home.

I spent some time playing with these delicious fabrics

And every day new deliveries of stock have arrived - It has been a lot of fun opening each box to see what is inside

If you are a newsletter subscriber these shabby pretties will be familiar to you as they were yesterday's Deal of the Day.

I have almost finished my butterfly coin quilt - The dragonfly version has arrived at Dawn's ready to be quilted and this one will be sent very soon.  Did you know that Dawn only charges $50 to do an all over meander stipple?  Cheap as chips and she does a wonderful job.  Once both quilts are finished they will be kitted up and will be packed away for next year's road show - Then onto the next project.

These are the off cuts from the quilt making - I thought I might do a tutorial with them?  Want to watch?  I'll be back over the weekend with an easy tutorial for you.


Fee X

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just Playing Around .........

The weather has still been awful - We have had torrential rain, wind and ever so slight periods of sunshine but still a cold 8 degrees.  All of this unkind weather has put us way behind in our schedule to have the house ready for sale.  But it has given me some time to play around in the studio.  These fabrics were yesterday's deal of the day and whilst I was cutting orders I thought about an easy beginner's quilt using them.  So I cut and stitched for a few hours in the afternoon.

And came up with this.  I am currently hand appliquing the dragonflies and will then send it off to be quilted.  I will do a girly Butterfly version too just as soon as the fabrics arrive.

I have been packing Hexagon Club Patterns and also sewing some more blocks.  I am really enjoying this project.

Today I will be sending out the partners for the Doily Swap.  If you don't get an e-mail from me by tonight just drop me a line. 

I have this photo saved on my computer I can't recall where it was from but isn't it cute?  I picked up some sweet little metal tooth zips the other day at a thrift store so I might make a few of these with lavender inside.  They would be great to add to gift parcels don't you think?


Fee X

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Giveaway Winner, Gale Force Wind & Sewing Progress

It's a wild and windy day here today - There are Westerly gale force winds.....  Can you see the wattle tree in the distance in this photo?
You can't see a lot of it because the rest is now on the ground !
The wind has put a major crack through one of the main limbs

And as you can see the tree just couldn't take it......

Wattle trees don't have a long life and this one was huge
It shaded the whippet (Shadow's) yard in the summer but today it dismantled it.  We will now have a huge clean up job next week and will have to get someone in with a chainsaw to get rid of it.

So not being able to do anything outside I have spent the afternoon in the sewing room working on some swap gifts

And working on next month's Framed Hexagon Club blocks.  For all of the ladies that have signed up over on the web site - Your First Package has been posted and is on it's way to you.  A group for you all to join is in the works so keep an eye on your inbox for your invitation in the next week or so.

More blocks have been drawn up for Months 3 and 4

And I'm in the final stages of the last few blocks in my new BOM to be launched in January.
Thankyou to everyone who entered the give away for the launch of our new shop - Fee's Shabby Shack.  The response has been amazing and everyone is enjoying the daily bargains to their inbox.  If you haven't yet joined the newsletter list you can do so at the top of this page on the right hand side or on the front page of the web site - Shabby Shack.  We have some awesome deals for you next week and a new initiative begins on Monday too - Your inbox will tell you all about it.
Now for the winner - Congratulations to Sharon of Liabelle Lane - Please send me your address details so I can send out your bundle of goodies.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Fee X