Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Planning, Plotting & Sewing

I am a Dreamer, A Plotter and A Planner.  I like to know where I'm going, What I'm doing and How I'm going to do it.  I don't do - "Let's just see what happens....."  very well at all. 

Life is full of topsy turvy changes and for us it means a few changes will have to happen in the coming year.  I'm not sure how we'll go but I will be planning and plotting until we get there.   How about you do you have to plot and plan too or are you just happy to see what happens and deal with it when it does?

Part of being a plotter and planner is that I make lists - Lots of them.  I currently have a list of To Do's in the sewing room along with some work in progresses of which this gorgeous Natalie Bird Sampler is one.  I am really enjoying stitching this one.

Another thing I enjoy is playing in swaps - I love making gifts for other people and I also love receiving them.  Here are my gifts that I received from Marina in Cheryl's "A Little Bit French" Swap.  My partner hasn't blogged about hers yet so I will wait to show you the gifts that I sent.

I joined a Santa Sack swap too over at Cheryll's and this is the sack with some gifts that I sent my partner Melody. 

And this is what she sent me - It is going to be a lot of fun.

Today is my day off and I have 3 patterns to write for magazine commissions and a dilly bag to finish off so I had best get back to the studio.  This is a little sneak peek of a Gingerbread themed quilt for Patchwork & Stitching's Christmas Issue.

I hope you have a great Hump Day and an even better finish to your week.

Love and Hugs - Fee X


Anonymous said...

oh lots of beautiful swap items received and sent Fee.I just roll with life Fee and trust in the universe,good luck with your plans.xx

Jo in TAS said...

Perfect at for being at home, it's a bit of a dreary day out there. Love that little eiffel tower cushion, very cute!

Debbie said...

Wow, what fun and love the thought of a Gingerbread themed quilt!

Kathy said...

I'm with you Fee - very much a plotter and a planner. I just have to be be careful that I don't plot so much that I forget to leave time for the execution of my plans!

I've just been laughing about the dubious dedication of the kitties in your studio...when last seen my two were fast asleep in my sewing room. They said they'd help but a quilt or two on the chair were clearly more appealing:)

By Hoki Quilts said...

I'm a list maker too Fee, I don't always follow them but somehow just listing things makes order for me - good luck honey with all of your plans.

barb's creations said...

I must admit I'm a list maker and don't like unexpected things popping up but sometimes we just have to roll with it :)
Hope to see your gingerbread surprise soon,it's looking lovely so far :) Barb.

Christine M said...

Lovely swap gifts from Marina. Cute Santa sacks both sent and received.

Sisbabestitches said...

Yep I'm a plotter, planner (oh alright, and a dreamer), only way I can stay on track, though I have started to learn to be more flexible and be (a bit) better at rolling with the unexpected.
Your swap goodies are gorgeous, both santa sacks are fabulous, and Marina's LF items are just lovely.
I shall have to keep my eyes out for the mag, I love Christmas gingies.

Pauline said...

do you know..I think thats my problem fee..i dont make lists...half the time I chase my tail..i think i will take after you...and learn to do them!!lovely to get back to blogging fee..hope we can catch up soon..
cheers and love

FloS said...

Lovely gifts from Marina !!

Michelle said...

I am definitely a planner, you couldn't have described me better! Lots of lovely inspiration on your blog... :O)

Gayle said...

Beautiful swap gifts from Marina, the Santa Sacks are great too.