Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Mail & My Sewing Space

I recently purchased some gorgeous new "Shabby" items from my friend Kerryanne at her Facebook Sale.  I was lucky enough to win a pre-sale ticket which meant I could shop before the sale started.  I was chuffed.  They arrived this week and I am thrilled with my new purchases.  This is the lovely rose keepsake box which was my very first choice.

It now has pride of place on my dressing table

And holds lots of my jewellery treasures

I also purchased this letter holder.  It is the perfect place to leave a pair of hubby's glasses.  Hopefully now he will know where at least 1 pair is.

Look at this gorgeous little lavender bag that she also sent me - It is adorable.

And finally I purchased these ribbon boards and stand.  Thanks so much Kerryanne - They are all perfect.

I thought I would show you my sewing space today.  Toby as usual is with me but it is a little messy and I really need to put some things away and tidy up - BUT it is a well known fact that creative minds tend to be messy in their work space LOL - I do work better when it's tidy though.

My work table has items all over it including 2 more pieces of this week's happy mail

The Natalie Bird stitchery "Hearts Return" and frame which I purchased from my friend Pauline at Calico Crossroads

And Sandy at Cookies and Cream Craft had an Anni Downs Sale and I just had to buy another of the books I didn't have in my collection.

The table is littered with the remnants of my stocktake this week.  It is almost the end of the financial year so I really needed to get it done as it was a bit messy since the craft fair.  I am pleased that it is finally done and I discovered lots of stock I didn't know I had .

Another granny square pile is paitently waiting to be done

And this fabric is waiting to be bundled

My room also has a lot of my "Freebie" Pattern folders everywhere - I was looking for a particular pattern and in my frenzy pulled them all out and just stacked them up.  You can also see the piecing part of the Jitter bug quilt waiting for the applique to be finished and joined together.

And there is a box or two of fabric bundles ready for listing on the floor too ......

So I suppose I had best get to it and tidy the place up a bit.  I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

Hugs - Fee X


Fiona said...

what a lovely sewing space.... I like tidy too but I never seem to get it that way....

Shorty said...

Oh Fee if your room is untidy mine must be a come and make mine tidy.........please!!!!

Debbie said...

Lovely shabby items! Fun mail is the best!

Kathy said...

I love your chatty posts with lots of newsy snippets, Fee:) The new Annie Downs pattern looks lovely. I'm always relieved when I realise other people's sewing rooms get a bit messy like mine :) I generally start off with most things in their place...but when the creative bug strikes my room quickly descends into chaos! Then I have to have a quick tidy up before I can start on the next project.
Good luck with stocktake.

Hugs Kathy

Tarnyia said...

What a wonderful sewing space you have... lots of room to create wonderful projects xxx

Barb said...

Lots of fun things and I love love love your sewing space!