Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Saturday

Brrr it's chilly here today - Winter is nipping at the door so the most sensible thing to do today is to stay home and sew don't you think?  I am happy to be able to show you my finished Happy Happy Garden. 

I am pretty pleased with it and it is already on it's way to be quilted along with my 2 friends quilts who have made their own version of it too - Once they are all quilted and bound I will show you all 3 versions. 

My sewing group and I decided it would be lots of fun if we worked on the same project.  It is a wonderful motivator that's for sure and lots of fun to show each other our progress every week. 

All 3 quilts look so different as we all incorporated our own personal preferences into our own quilts.

We packed them all up into a box together and sent them over to Dawn who offers a $50 quilting service.  Dawn has done a number of my quilts now and they always look great - She has my "Brick" quilt on her frame at the moment so I am pretty excited to be getting that back soon.

Our next quilt to tackle is "Jitterbug".  We have all chosen very different colours for our quilt and each chose a jellyroll from Jane who offers a great service.  We ordered them at our Tuesday night sewing session and they were on my door step by Thursday monring - Wonderful service !

During the week I had chosen the jelly roll strips for my quilt

and sewed them together

Aren't they pretty?

And chopped them up ready for the front piecing of the quilt.  There is lots of hand applique in this one too.

And the added bonus is that I have a whole stack of strip ends to play with too - I wonder what I can make with this lot?

I hope you have a relaxing Saturday and find some time to craft.

Hugs - Fee X


De said...

Happy Happy Garden is cute! Have a great weekend and stay warm!

Larissa said...

Wow Fee! Happy Happy Garden looks gorgeous!!! I'm sure Dawn will do it proud!!! ... Jitterbug is also one of the many designs I want to make myself too! I am looking forward to seeing your version of it in this colour way!! So different to the original, and yet so SO pretty!!! Enjoy your weekend beautiful!! Hugs!!!

Debbie said...

Happy Happy Garden is adorable! I think there is nothing better than crafting when the weather is nasty outside! Enjoy your weekend!

Allie said...

Oh Fee I love that quilt - so so cute!!!! It'll be fun to see all three together! Love the next one too!

Shirley said...

Hi Fee, It is always so enjoyable to look at your quilts. They are unique in their own way and tell a story about the owner. Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

Christine said...

Your Happy Garden quilt looks lovely, Fee and I like the fabrics you have chosen for your new project. Look forward to seeing it progress.

Annie said...

Happy Happy Garden is very cute Fee - can't wait to see your new project :)

Anonymous said...

oh Fee this quilt is just gorgeous,well done on a lovely finish.xx

Anonymous said...

oh Fee this quilt is just gorgeous,well done on a lovely finish.xx

sewkalico said...

Love your Geisha quilt, it's adorable. Always nice to see what you are up to. Hope you're better after your dreadful bout of flu!