Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Break

Guess who got his easter gift early?   Toby got a new squeaky bird for Easter.  I think I have shown you before what he does with squeaky toys - They end up dismembered, gutted and the squeaker removed.

 But he gets hours of fun out of them so we don't mind.

Today I made myself a mini design wall to hang on the back of the door.  I thought that if I could see my recent completed blocks of Angel Story that it would help to keep me motivated.

And here it is Block No 1 completed

I really enjoyed stitching it and have Block 2 all traced up and ready to stitch.  So far so good.  I really do hope that I keep the motivation going with this quilt.

A new pattern arrived in the mail this afternoon.  It is Ric Rac's Chubby Birds - How could I resist them?  I wasted no time getting the felt tub out and played around with some colour combinations.

I can see quite a few of these being made in the coming months.  Aren't they cute?

I have a 10 day Easter break and am looking forward to catching up on things around the house as well as spending some time with family and friends.

Happy Easter to you and your family and if you are travelling please drive safely.

Hugs - Fee X


Maria said...

HMMM my dog would do the some to her squeeky toys. LOL

Love the new block and the Chuby Bird is gorgeous..

enjoy your Easter break.

Anonymous said...

haha how funny is Toby,love this new bird pattern,i must take pics of my angel story blocks for tomorrow post.Have a safe and happy easter Fee with your family.xx

Quilt Kitty said...

Block 1 of Angel Story is so pretty I am sure you will stay motivated. I love your little birds, must keep an eye out for that pattern. Toby is such a cutie, but obviously looks are deceiving is you are a stuffed toy! Tracee xx

De said...

Enjoy your break Fee. Great idea on the mini design wall!

zitakiss said...

si-cu fajta kutyád van?üdv zita

Sarah said...

Those birds are SO CUTE!!!

Debbie said...

The first block is gorgeous! That one alone should help motivate you to finish them all. The chubby bird is that color combination.

Toby looks soo happy with his new toy although I am sure the squeaky has been torn out from it already. LOL

Have a blessed Easter.

Larissa said...

Loving your new design wall Fee!!! ... And that first block is so sweet!!! Looking forward to seeing this one as it grows!! ... The little birds are delightful!!!
Enjoy your Easter weekend!! Hugs!

Marilyn said...

Toby is so funny with his toys. Our (much bigger) dog has always been terrified of squeaky toys. She cowers away if she hears one. Such cute birds, and a clever mini design wall.
Have a wonderful break and happy Easter.
Hugs xx

Fiona said...

Sweet Toby... I used to by big bags of toys from the OP shops for that purpose - so much innards around the place though! very gruesome.... I love your birds.... and the design wall is brilliant to show off your blocks...

Cubby House Crafts said...

Happy Easter Fee...enjoy your break!
Your little birdie is so cute!

Mistea said...

Lots of cuties here - Your Toby is gorgeous, so glad he enjoys his toys.
Lovely little Angel hope your design wall works.
That is a very cute birdie.
Enjoy the break.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Toby is just too cute! We had a dog that did the same thing with squeeky toys!
Have a wonderful Easter Fee! Wishing you every blessing!

Wendyb said...

Just adore your first block Fee, and to make a design wall to inspire you is in itself, inspirational !!! You clever Easter bunny you!!!! Those little birdies are so cute.....and you said 10 days????,,, I'll be watching to see what else you get made!!!!
chocolatey hugs
Wendy :O) xxx

Happygirl said...

Just found your blog. Beautiful work, will be visiting often.

barb's creations said...

OOhhhh you're making me want to get my blocks out and start on this project,must be strong and resist LOL.
Love the chubby birds,enjoy your break :) Barb.

Teresa said...

I saw Jodies chubby birds last week and fell in love with them too. Yours is gorgeous. Great start on the quilt.. it's so YOU!!! I hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter Fee... enjoy those 10 days xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely....the mini design wall is a great idea, and you've finished it off so nicely too.