Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Bliss

There is just something about Sunday afternoons isn't there? 

A sort of calming things happens around here and especcially this time of the year as the fire is usually going, football can be heard throughout the house, the veggies for Sunday night roast are done and it's time to chill out for a few hours before the children come home and bring with them their own families and partners.

It is normally my regular chance to get a few daylight hours of stitching in as I sit back and watch my team play or a lovely girlie movie.

I have been organising things in my sewing room again and have labelled many of my boxes so that I don't waste anymore precious time looking for something that I know where I put but just can't lay my hands too - You know the feeling?

I sure hope I can keep things neat and tidy

But at least everything has a proper home now so even if I do get a bit messy from time to time it shouldn't be too much to get it all neat and tidy again - Well that's the theory anyway.......

Many evenings after work have been spent cutting and folding fabric for next weeks Craft & Quilt Fair.  It will mean 4 days away from my loved ones but it should be fun and there is nothing better than a bit of retail theraphy for the soul which I am sure I will squeeze in over those 4 days.

There are many many bargains to be had if you are going - With the change of direction of my business all fabrics which aren't being used in my own designs are going out the door !!

Talking about doors here is my angel story design wall on my studio door.  Block 3 is now complete.

I know that I have told you before but I really love this quilt - I am enjoying every stitch.

And some more applique has been happening around here

My " Happy Happy Garden" quilt is progressing nicely and hopefully this afternoon I can get a bit more applique done.  Do you love Sunday afternoons too? 

Love and Hugs - Fee XX

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Autumn Evenings and much loved gifts ........

We have had the fire lit off and on a bit over the past few weeks as the autumn nights begin to get a bit chilly and the house begins to take on that cosy feel that we are so familiar with throughout the cold period that we endure here in Tasmania.  I couldn't resist taking some shots of our front entrance with the nightly glow.

As you can see my home has lots of handmade quilts and stitcheries as well as dolls and cushions.

My new studio and teaching room leads off the entrance and it's door is adorned with a gorgeous stitchery wall hanging.

Made for me by my sweet friend Jo.

The room has lots of shelves which hold all of my supplies, gifts and pretties.

Just gazing at some of the gifts given to me by friends makes me all warm and fuzzy.  I love having them on display.

They remind me of the gift giver constantly and I love having them around.

You know that a handmade gift given to you has taken the giver much time and has been made with lot's of love and that is why I cherish them.  Do you love to give handmade too?

I find all different sorts of ways to display my pretties.  This little bag was made by Dawn and given to me last christmas.  Isn't it sweet?

And this gorgeous wall hanging was given to me just this week by Jenny for my Birthday - I love it !!

I have been very busy cutting fabric every night for the past few weeks.  I have a stand at the Launceston Quilt & Craft Fair next week - Maybe I'll see you there?

Love and Hugs,

Fee XX

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Week Off

My wonderful week off is now over and it is back to the grind stone for me.  I managed to get another of my Angel Story blocks completed.  I am really enjoying making this quilt.

Each block has a lot of work but I am loving every stitch.


I also got the time to make some shabby lavender sachets


As my stocks of these were depleted.

And some more made from music paper


I also played around with some buttons and made some button bracelets - These are just so cute.


And of course did some paper piecing which I totally love at the moment.


I did have aspirations of doing quite a bit around the house but common sense ruled and I decided that it was all too hard but did tidy up our bedroom just a bit.

The problem was that ray of sunshine - I just had to lay in it.  Perfect on a sunny autumn afternoon.


Do you love my porcelain christening doll that my hubby bought me many years ago?  She only gets to sit on our bed in the winter as the afternoon sun is too much for her in the warmer months.

Wishing you all a happy Monday and a wonderful week.

Love and Hugs,

Fee XX

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend Sewing

Why is it that when you have some time off work you get sick?  The flu bug has hit me and I have been feeling pretty miserable.  With the flu I couldn't possibly do housework or anything labourous so what's a girl to do?  Sew......  I decided that Sunday was the day to stay in my PJ's and try to put together my brick quilt.  It only contains 363 bricks so how hard could it be?

Just 33 rows of 11 blocks and 11 seams to match each row........

So 6 hours later my brick quilt was finished.  I almost gave up with 10 rows to go but I knew that it would end up back in the UFO pile if I did so I kept going.......

It is a massive 78" square and will look great on my bed once it gets back from being quilted.

Yesterday whilst watching my footy team win by 2 points I did some more work on my Geisha girl - She is looking very cute.

How was your Easter?  I hope you got to spend some time with those you love and got to stitch a bit.

Have a wonderful week.

Hugs - Fee XX

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Lovely Day of Sewing

What would an Easter Saturday Stitching day be without a bowl of Easter Eggs ?

Or two.......  A couple of friends and I planned a stitching day in my new sewing room and Dawn had planned one with Judy half way across the country so that we could all stitch together in spirit. 

Look at the gorgeous Cup Cakes Sandra arrived with - They were delicious !  We had some show and tell and showed each other the progress on some of our WIP's.

This is where I am with Berries and Bluebirds (Designed by Gail Pan).  I really must get back in to this one.

We decided that it would be nice to do a project together so that we could keep each other motivated - As we all have grand daughters we decided that this gorgeous pattern by Natalie Ross - Happy Happy Garden was perfect.

Here is my progress for the day - My aim is to get quite a bit of it appliqued by Tuesday night when the girls come back for our next stitching session.  I wonder how I'll go?

I was pleased to be able to get a few more rows done on my Brick Quilt too - I am loving the look of it.

Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree Quilts with White Bella Solid is a gorgeous combination.  I can't wait until it's done.

I hope you had a relaxing Easter Saturday and I hope that Easter Bunny pops by your house tonight.

Hugs - Fee XX

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Break

Guess who got his easter gift early?   Toby got a new squeaky bird for Easter.  I think I have shown you before what he does with squeaky toys - They end up dismembered, gutted and the squeaker removed.

 But he gets hours of fun out of them so we don't mind.

Today I made myself a mini design wall to hang on the back of the door.  I thought that if I could see my recent completed blocks of Angel Story that it would help to keep me motivated.

And here it is Block No 1 completed

I really enjoyed stitching it and have Block 2 all traced up and ready to stitch.  So far so good.  I really do hope that I keep the motivation going with this quilt.

A new pattern arrived in the mail this afternoon.  It is Ric Rac's Chubby Birds - How could I resist them?  I wasted no time getting the felt tub out and played around with some colour combinations.

I can see quite a few of these being made in the coming months.  Aren't they cute?

I have a 10 day Easter break and am looking forward to catching up on things around the house as well as spending some time with family and friends.

Happy Easter to you and your family and if you are travelling please drive safely.

Hugs - Fee X