Thursday, March 29, 2012


Thank you to everyone that entered my giveaway.  Congratulations to Vicki who said :-

"Oh my gosh Fee! There are some absolutely GORGEOUS things on that site. I'd never heard of it before now.
I see a number of things that are something I would love to have myself but, this really caught my eye because it's also my birthstone; Garnet pendant necklace, 'Tiara'

VERY pretty necklace and one I would love to own.
Thank you for the chance to win."

Please get in touch and I will e-mail you the details of your digital gift certificate.  If you didn't win don't forget to go back and have another look at the site NOVICA to purchase some gorgeous items.

Hugs - Fee X

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Simple Pleasures

I constantly think of myself as lucky.  Lucky that I have a hobby which makes my heart sing, lucky that I am able to create and lucky to have found peace and total relaxation with needle and thread.

Just collecting pastel scraps for an upcoming project gives me so much pleasure.  Using up pieces of fabric which would usually be tossed and making it into something beautiful.

I know that I am lucky in so many other ways in my life but today I am giving thanks and recognising that I am lucky to be blessed with a wonderful hobby that ensures that I am never bored or idle.

My craft has blessed me in so many ways - All of the friends that I have that are kindred spirits is because of our shared love of crafting.......

And the best part is that YOU get that I am addicted to these types of fabrics and you understand that I can't bring myself to cut into them

And YOU understand my need to take something old and make it new and useable again....

And one of the nicest pleasures that our craft gives is that feeling of satisfaction when you have finished a project and the feeling that it gives you when you give it to someone you care about.....

Thank you for letting me indulge in some simple pleasures in my crafting life today.  And thank you for being YOU.  I really do appreciate you stopping by and beoming a part of my crafting life.

Hugs - Fee X

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Giveaway Fun !!

Today I have a fantastic giveaway for you.  Have you heard of an amazing company called Novica? 

NOVICA is one of the leading fair trade artisan websites. They work with National Geographic to give talented artisans around the world a place to express their artistic talents and provide access to the world market. They have thousands of top fair trade corporate gifts, accessories, jewelry and home decor items on their website.  I have purchased the bracelet above and can't wait for it to arrive.

The nicest thing about each product is that you get to read about the artist who created the items.  This gorgeous girl "Anusara" from Thailand is the creator of the lovely bracelet on it's way to me.

They sell a huge variety of goods including :-

and much much more


If you live in the USA you can even sell these items through their party plan division - What a wonderful way to earn some extra $$ by selling these gorgeous goods yourself.

I have a $50 Gift Certificate to give away to 1 lucky reader.  All you have to do is pop over to NOVICA and find something that you would love to own. 

Come back and leave a comment to tell me what it is and I will put you in the draw - It's that easy.  You have until Wednesday evening at 7.30pm AEST.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Hugs - Fee XX

Friday, March 23, 2012

Putting Plans Into Action......

Most creative minds are also planners and organisers.  I think they go hand in hand so I always make plans of some sort but sometimes it takes quite some time to put them into action.

This has been the case with the ongoing development of my design business - Things just got so busy in the first 3 months of the year but now that "Let's Get Stitched" is over I can now turn my attention to my little business.

This has meant a few big disruptions to the family home and lots of moving of furniture by Hubby and DD No 1.  They have done a fantastic job and have been very patient with me.

Our home no longer has a formal dining room (this was it) or a formal lounge (which is now my teaching studio)

But I think I prefer this room as a family room instead of a dining room.  The largest room in our house has been sacrificed by the family so that I can live my dream.....  I feel blessed that I have the room to be able to do this and that the studio can be seperate from our home as it is at the front of the house.

Most evenings this week have been spent re-arranging the house but it was fun !  Treasures had to find new homes and new vignettes were made along the way.

I decided that I have to spend a bit more time reading as many of the books in ny shelf are on my "to read" list.

I still have my trusty recliner in a corner for stitching of an evening.

But I now also have a room which is just wonderful for my creative mojo.  And when I have finished playing in there each day I can just shut the door.

It is my intention to have studio open times each week which will be revised on a weekly basis and advertised on here - My Blog.  I will also be attending a number of local events including the Quilters Easter Showcase on March 31st at the Brighton Civic Centre and AGFEST the first week in May.

My pattern label will be re-launched in November at Australian Quilt Market and from that date my patterns will only be available through shops and will no longer be available as downloads or from my online store.  You can however purchase my patterns if you visit the studio.  I have 2 Block Of The Months in various stages of progress as well as a number of new designs to launch at that time.

If you are a newsletter subscriber you would have already received my newsletter this morning with a fantastic offer of a Pattern Pack and all of the papers to make my "Plant a Pot of Friendship" Quilt which has my own spin on modern paper piecing using a floating border of elongated hexagons and squares effectively.  This pattern will be taken off the market next week and released again in November through shops only. 

The pattern pack and papers is ON SPECIAL at just $12.00 - GO HERE to purchase.

So there you are I have filled you in on a few of my future plans - But stay tuned as I have a few more suprises in store for you too.

Pop back in tomorrow asI have a fabulous give away for you.

Hugs - Fee XX

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vignettes and Changes

The first quarter of the year was always going to be really busy for me but now that "Let's Get Stitched" is over and 3 busy months at work are almost at an end I can start to put into place some of the plans that I mapped out for the business last year.  On the weekend this involved a little bit of moving things around in our home and the making of some new little vignettes.

I am lucky enough to have a strong hubby and daughter to do the heavy lifting for me.  Sam even came around last night for a few hours to help - Thanks Sammy.

It's not until you start to move things around that you realise how much stuff you actually have.  I have way too much and really do need to cull.

Some of my favourite things have found new places to live in my home but some will need to find a new home.

There is still a bit of this sort of thing happening but I will get there eventually.

All will be revealed very soon. 

For those local ladies who read my blog I will be having a stand at the Quilters Easter Showcase on 31st March at the Brighton Civic Centre and I will be at Agfest  the first week in May for 3 days.

Last night whilst we were moving things around JT decided that a pretty quilt folded up nicely in a basket meant that he had a nice soft spot for a nap - You can see why I couldn't growl at him can't you ?

Hugs - Fee XX

Friday, March 16, 2012

A New Little Tool To Play With

I couldn't resist showing you this little delicate flower on a tree I planted near the front door - I can't remember what it is called but it smells divine - I planted one each side of the path 2 years ago.  It is a slow grower but these sweet little blooms make it worthwile.


I am doing "This Goes With That" BOM and haven't played with it for a few weeks but decided to make some stunning patterns that I would need a Quilters Kaleidiscope mirror.  It was cheaper to make my own so I bought 2 square candle mat's which had a stick on edging.


I peeled it off but was left with a thick sticky residue.


I got out my trusty Eucalyptus Oil which is great for removing gummy stuff.

And Voila !  No more sticky gunk - Just 2 perfect little square mirrors.


I joined them together with a bit of black tape.

On the back


Yep they cost just $2.00 each - Much cheaper than some of the commercial varieties.


So using a mirror and your template you can turn this


Into this - Just by fussy cutting your fabric for paper piecing.


Or this.....


Or Maybe even this ......

So I will be spending some time tomorrow cutting bits of "Ruby" to add to my collection of shapes for "This Goes With That"


The possibilities are endless aren't they?


I practiced last night on a simple stripe which created a sweet little spider web.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs - Fee X

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's Get Stitched in Tassie - Part 3 - Final Pics

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing what we did at our stitching weekend and that you are enthused about Adelaide next year.  Here is my project designed for the day which I called "Plant a Pot of Friendship"

It has a paper pieced border, applique flowers and a few other techniques thrown in for good measure.

The weekend begun for me on Thursday morning with the first of several visits to the airport.  We were delayed getting Dawn's luggage as the sniffer dog decided that there was something "suspect" in her luggage and they wouldn't release it without first going through it.

They couldn't find what had set the dog off so she was allowed to repack her bag and go on her way - That was the first of many giggles.

We went on a shop hop on Friday to a number of local quilt stores.  The ladies had a wonderful time picking up fabrics and patterns.  Kerri did just a little spending - LOL

Then we had a "suprise" stop for the ladies.  We took them to the heart and soul of "Pattern Press" a pattern distribution company which was operating at full speed - It was wonderful for the girls to get a behind the scenes look at the operations of a successful quilting business.

A HUGE thank you to Helen for taking time out of her busy schedule to show the ladies around and it was her birthday too. 

Later that day we went to the Cadbury factory.  Dawn fell in love with Freddo.

The folllowing day we went to Salamanca Market on the waterside in Hobart.  Everytime I go I find so much inspiration - It is a wonderful place for the creative soul.

Dawn and I liked the hand dyed hair bands.  The lady offered to put them on us and show us how they worked (They go on like a figure of 8)

So they go around like this

And then you do this.........  But there was a problem with Dawn's.... Hers wouldn't stay on - The lady said it was because she has a flat head.......

Dawn was just a bit upset.......  Don't you just love that face ??

Mine however

stayed on - It seems that I don't have a flat head - LOL

Judy & Dawn hooked up with the Hobart Town Crier

And then on the way home we dropped into one of my treasure hunting haunts - The girls had a wonderful rummage and came up with some lovely finds.

On Friday night we had party games and a pizza night.  My sister who is training in the beauty industry came along and gave hand massages - Judy loved it.

Saturday night was our gala dinner at the Riverfront Hotel which was a lovely meal and a great night

So after a lovely 4 days it was time to go home back to my family - This little fellow was very pleased to have me home.

And just a little shot of a blue bird I bought at Salamanca.  I'll be back tomorrow with a little quilting tool I have made.....

Hugs - Fee XX