Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Recipe, Some Embellishments & More Thrifting

It seems that slow cookers are a favourite of many.  I am pleased to say that the meatballs were delightful - We had enough left over for DD No 2 to take to work for lunch and 2 further servings for the freezer.  Later in the week I will make another meal using the slow cooker and may even experiment a little.

In my efforts to re-use, recycle and not waste anything I decided that these pears were on their last legs and needed to be used or turned into hen food.

Once I strated cutting them up I realised that quite a lot of them were destined for the chook pen but

I did manage to get a bowl of usable flesh out of them which was enough to make

This Pear & Ginger Upside Down Cake - Here is the Recipe if you want to give it a try.  Hubs and I had some straight out of the oven with cream - Delightful !

I had a little play with the circles of fabric I had cut on my Baby Go Cutter.  I have turned them into little brooches and will also use some for Bag embellishments.

They are a lot of fun to make and I can see more scraps being cut into circles for these.

Yesterday was a pottering around type of day but today I have made myself a little list to get through - I wonder if I can keep my motivation and stick to it?

On my list is the dismantling of another $1 thrift find.

Aren't these little stones in metal clasps just gorgeous?  I will keep these in my stash for another day and have a plan for the fabric.  I'll be back with an easy peasy way to recycle t-shirts & tops.

Have a wonderful day.

Hugs - Fee X


Unknown said...

Looks like you have had a Lovely start to your Break...So Love your Imagination Fee these Brooches are Gorgeous, I am a Crock Pot-er Big Time I use mine at least once a week I'd be lost without one.
Enjoy Your Day.

Barb said...

Your food looks fabulous and your flowers are just wonderful!

By Hoki Quilts said...

You my dahlin' are a wicked, wicked woman - that care looks so good I think I just might have to go and get some pears ; )
What a great thrift find, mmmm, I wonder what you will do with all that bling?
Have a fab day xx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a great post Fee...a little bit of everything!!!

De said...

Your meatballs look yummy and the cake divine......might have to make it up!

Michelle said...

That cake looks delicious...why is it when I'm really trying to watch what I eat all this scrumptious recipes appear! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the t-shirt...

Anonymous said...

OMG....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these flowers!!! They are SO SO gorgeous!!!!

Allie said...

You are keeping busy! The meatballs and cake both look so yummy!
I really love your flowers Fee, they are really gorgeous...they'll look lovely on a bag. Can't wait to see what you do with that shirt!

RobynLouise said...

Being busy is a good way to progress in your life after an upset. The food looks delicious and those scrap flowers are positively gorgeous! Where do you discover those lovely buttons?

Anonymous said...

What a yummy post Fee,and your brooches look wonderful,well done you are so clever.xx

Cheryll said...

Ooohh yuummm! Those meatballs look tasty... any chance of the recipe? :)