Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Productive Day

Day 3 of my two week break is almost over and I am having a ball.  It is so nice to forget about the stresses of work and actually take each day as it comes.  I spent a little time yesterday morning strolling around the garden and picked myself a bunch of flowers.

After my stroll I decided to do some baking - I decided upon Cinnamon Scrolls.  I made the dough

And left it to double in size

Whilst I made the cinnamon butter for the filling

And prepared the board ready for kneading

Kneading is wonderful stress therapy - The poor thing was very elasticated by the end of it's workout

And in no time they were ready to go into the oven

They baked beautifully

And were served up with cream cheese icing - Yum !  Have you had a go at Cinnamon Scrolls before?  I used this recipe.

The afternoon was spent making some shabby lavender sachets from one of my favourite fabrics

And also some Cabbages & Roses versions

Today hubs and I enjoyed a lunch at our local hotel with a nice glass of red.  Before we went I cut up my $1 recycled tank top.

I cut a rectangle from the front and back of the top and then cut another matching size to go with each from some fat quarters

Put them together with right sides matching, stitched all the way around and left a little gap for turning.  Pressed with a hot iron and then top stitched all the way around closing the gap as you go and Voila !

2 Polishing cloths - These are perfect for drying up glassware, polishing taps, glass, mirrors etc !!

They look gorgeous rolled up

And even better tied up with some organza ribbon.  I will make some little labels for these and then they will go in my present box for gift giving later in the year.

Next on my list is an easy little project using this.....  Any ideas about their destiny?

Hope you are having a wonderful hump day.

Hugs - Fee X


Farah said...

Looks so yummy I must give them a try ...
And the emb is great Fee.... very lovely...
Hope you like to have tea with me at
With love

Dawn said...

what a great prouctive day Fee and my mouth is watering with those scolls...looking so yummy..your a etase..LOL.. love the flowers and the scraps look like they will be little flowers..LOL
Hugs Dawn x x

Allie said...

I'm hungry now Fee, those look so yummy! Your lavender sachets are just gorgeous, and your polishing cloths are wonderful - what a good idea! Can't wait to see what your little bits are going to become!

Michelle said...

What an industrious few days you have been having... and lot's of fun too! I am sure your family will be appreciating all the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen :O)
I love the polish cloth idea... I have some old t shirts lying around that I might just have to give it a go too... thanks for sharing!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I love just being able to potter and do as I please... and it's those little home activities that give me the greatest pleasure too. A day well spent Fee.
♥ K

Jeni said...

What a great few days... you have been having... and lot's of fun also
I love the polishing cloth idea... ...also wish i was there for morning tea just love those rolls

Liz said...

The scrolls look delish. I love the beautiful flowers(lilies)?. The sachets look so lovely I could almost smell them. I love the idea for the top=polishing cloths,we all need them:)

Anonymous said...

yummy Fee,those scrolls look so good,love you sachets and what a great idea with the polishing cloths,i just seen on another blog where they used minky and some fabric and made washcloths for babies the same way,and maybe you might be going to make a rug or mat with those strips of fabric,maybe.xx

Melody said...

I've just had a lovely time catching up with your last few posts. You have certainly been cooking up a storm, everything looks delicious especially the pear cake. Hope you are having a good time on your break and feeling well. Hugs

Pauline said...

oh why did i just read your blog???????? I am longing for something sweet and NOTHING in the house..almost licked the putor screen fee!!!!!!!! No Fair..they look awesome...glad you enjoy some time off...well earned..have fun

Unknown said...

Yummy!! I'm your newest folloer-stop by for a visit!