Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend Doings..... + Christened Names

How is your weekend going?  I had to work today but tonight I spent some time putting together some kits for my Christmas Honour Stitchery featuring simple stitchery and some gorgeous Theodora Cleave and Country Heart Buttons.

If you have already ordered yours they are about to be popped into Australia Post's Big Red Box

They come packaged in a gorgeous Christmas tin and are on sale for just $15 per kit.

Thank You for all of the name suggestions for my mischevious pair.  I Love the name "Ollie" as suggested by Linda for the little bird and Gill suggested "Marmalade" for the pussy cat which fits him perfectly.  Plese get in touch with your addresses girls.  If you are a newsletter subscriber I will be including a little Marmalade and Ollie Stitchery next Friday.

Bye for now

Hugs - Fee XX


Joy said...

Those names are perfect for that gawjus pair!!! Congrats to the winners, I enjoyed looking at all the name ideas, what fun!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Vicki ♥ said...

Love the names and love the cat and little bird :) Soo adorable :)
Hugs Vicki x

Gill said...

I've emailed you!

Annie said...

Good choice of names Fee - can't wait for the newsletter xo

By Hoki Quilts said...

Great names, looking forward to the newsletter Fee. xx

Melody said...

I love the names you have chosen. So very sweet.

Allie said...

Your Christmas stitchery is just lovely, hon, and I LOVE Ollie and Marmalade! Really perfect names, too!

Marilyn said...

aargh I forgot to come back and put in some name suggestions, but I couldnt have done any better than the winners. Those names are just right.
The little stitchery is so beautiful and well worded.