Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Baking

I have been looking around for some Christmas baking ideas and came across some lovely ideas on-line and thought that I would share with you.  Aren't these little snowmen cute?

And these ones are just adorable

The grand babies would love these

And these are very clever - All 4 and many more can be found HERE

Have a wonderful day.


Fee x

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This is a crazy time of year for everyone and especially in our hosuehold at the moment.  A number of BIG changes have occured in our lives including Mr Fee retiring and our 3rd oldest child leaving the nest.   That only leaves us with one cherub at home now in this big expanse of a house.

How much time we spend together as a couple and the things we choose to do in our spare time have become a priority and we are enjoying one on one time so much more now.  It's funny to look back at how our priorities change each day, each week and even each year. 

Our outlook on the future has totally changed from what it was 3 months ago.  Instead of dwelling on the negatives of empty nest syndrome and going from 2 wages to 1 we are instead trying to grasp the changes and turn them into positives.

It has been pretty much a roller coaster ride the past few years, just this year we have been through a number of rocky patches in our lives will illness, major surgery, stress and worry. 

No different to most families but when it happens year after year you just decide to put your hand up and surrender.

The birth of "Fee's Shabby Shack" in September of this year has been a blessing in many ways.  I never dreamed it would be as successful as it has become to the point that it now consumes a large chunk of my free time.  The time to change the concept a little has come and in the new year these changes will be introduced.  We will also be making a number of small changes in our everyday lives.

The aim of that is to simplify it and not complicate it.  Basically I just want to work my day job, spend some time at "The Shack" each evening and get back to designing and doing the things I love. 

I have to take my finger out of all the pies it has been in and get back to basics.  I have to learn to say "NO".

Spending quality time with my man is my number one priority and designing and stitching is just a part of who I am - I am not happy unless I have a needle and thread in hand each evening and these past months have seen less and less of that - That is one thing that WILL change.

And Blogging - I miss it so much - I miss sharing my everyday life with you, I miss spending time treasure hunting, I miss decorating my home and just catching up daily on what you have been up to.......

So from now until the end of the year when I get a 9 day break from work my spare time will be spent preparing for the changes to take us into 2013.  I hope that you continue to visit with me into 2013 and can forgive me for being AWOL these past few months.  I have now realised the load I have been carrying and it is time to get rid of some of it.

2013 will be exciting in lots of ways - A few changes for the better and lot's more Blogging !

Thanks for being there.

Fee xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Home Again .....

I'm home again after a shopping trip with one of my oldest friends to Melbourne last week. 

We had a blast and had lots of fun looking at all of the gorgeous christmas displays in the windows of stores within the city - They were just amazing and very hard to photograph !

The Myer windows were just gorgeous and people were lined up for miles to see them.  Can you see the little patchwork coats on the lambs?  And the little frog in the snow?  His arms and legs moved backwards and forwards - so very cute.

And here is the talking Santa - He was a huge hit with the little ones who were gazing at him with their mouths opened. 

And there were lots of stores selling gorgeous christmas decorarions.

We spent some time at the Lindt shop at Chadstone Shopping Centre and treated ourselves to a Lindt Chocolate Fudge Iced Chocolate - It was divine !

And on our last day we teased ourselves with a trip to IKEA.  We had a little room left in our suit cases but that soon disappeared after we had to squeeze our IKEA purchases inside.  I fell in love with this book shelf and display cabinet which is just what I want for our family room make over next year - I hope I can find something similar locally.

I am starting to catch up on things around the shack now - Being away for 4 days really threw a spanner in the works but was a much needed break.

Today I posted off my advent swap parcels and have just a few more gifts to make and then I am done for this year's silly season.

How are you going?  Are you starting to panic yet?  


Fee xx

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Busy Busy ...............

Twice now I have tried to get back here to post and life just got in the way.  But finally here I am.  Look at these gorgeous threads that have arrived.  I can't wait to start a new design with them......  I am currently drawing up something very special which will be a gift to my newsletter subscribers next year - I can't wait to share it - It starts in January so stay tuned......

I found out which day my local "op shop" gets a new delivery from the warehouse - I wasn't even aware that this happened but apparently it does and now I know which day to go hunting..... 

 Maybe it's worth trying to find that out from your local too? 

I picked up this lovely bundle of VINTAGE Christmas Ornaments.  The santa is made of glass and the little manger ornament has a $40 price ticket underneath - I can't work out why it's so special but apparently it is....  They cost $1.00 for the lot.  BARGAIN !  I also bought 4 gorgeous Shabby rose pillow shams but they are currently on the washing line so I will have to show you next time.

I have chosen a winner for the name of my new stitchery quilt - It is "Garden Treasures" Congratulations Mrs Shepo.  E-mail me Pat and we will arrange for your 2 charm packs to arrive.  The pattern pack for the first month have now all been posted so they should be arriving at your house some time next week.  It's never too late to join if you're interested.  Just $10 per month over at

Can you remember when my first grand child was born?  Well Tom will be 5 really soon and my daughter has asked me to make a cake similar to the one above.  Wish me luck !  I am still trying to find some pirate figurines because there is no way I am tackling them out of icing !

I have also been loading up some new stock to the web site like these adorable wooden spools which come in a 10 pack

And this gorgeous mini quilt stand.

I am off to Melbourne for 4 days next week.  I am going with one of my oldest friends and the last time we went away together to Melbourne we took the car and filled it with shopping.  This time we are flying so we will have to be a bit more careful with our purchases.  We are both looking forward to the break. 

I hope wherever you are that you are enjoying your Saturday.


Fee xx

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Things have been VERY hectic around here lately.  I have been doing lots of secret stuff including this tutorial which is beiong shared over on Kerryanne's blog today as part of Simply Christmas.

Check it out !!

I have chosen a winner for the Quilt name - I'll be back tomorrow to announce it.


Fee XX

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coin Purse Tutorial Using Sew-In Frame

Today over at the Shabby Shack we have 2 different types of sew-in purse frames on offer so I thought I would give you the pattern and a tutorial to make your own purses using them - They would make lovely gifts this Christmas.

You will need some Template Plastic, 9" X 10" each of Fusible wadding such as Pellon or Parlan, Outer Fabric and Lining Fabric + an 8.5cm sew-in purse frame.  You will also need to download the template patterns from HERE.

From the pattern sheet make a template of the purse shape and also of the gusset.  Trace around the template and cut 2 purse shapes and 1 gusset from the Outer Fabric, Inner Fabric and Fusible Wadding.

Next fuse the wadding to the lining shapes with a hot iron. (I have cut mine down a little to show you where they go) Set aside.

Take one of the outer fabric purse shapes and the gusset and fold both in half and press with your finger to make a half way make.

Match them together

And with right sides together pin the gusset to the purse shape all the way around the curve on either side of the half way mark.  The gusset does not reach the end of the purse piece

Repeat with the lining and then sew all the way around the gusset.  Next place the last purse shape on the other side of the gusset on both the outer and lining and sew in place

This will give you 2 purse pieces (the lining and outer)  Turn the outer to the right side but leave the inner the way it is.  Place the outer into the inner and match the forked sides.

Pin into place on both sides matching the raw edges

Then sew from seam to seam on either side

Turn to the right side and gently press the side sewn seams with a hot iron.

Now you will just have raw edges on either side of the top of the purse.

Carefully sew around each raw edge joining the lining and outer fabric together on each side (sew about 1/8th") from the edge

This will now give you a nice edge to insert into the purse frame.  Choose some embroidery thread to match your fabric and thread a needle with 2 strands.

Place the edge of the purse frame to the raw edge on one side of the purse.  Put the needle through the fabric first and then the first hole in the frame.

Then take the needle down through the hole next to it out and back out on the inside of the purse just under the lip to hide your stitches.   

Continue sewing all the way along.  Use your needle to push the fabric up under the lip on the inside as you go.

Once you get all the way along your sewn side of the purse will look like this (do not cut the thread off yet)

Next go back along the purse and go in and out of the holes you missed so that all stitches look joined.  Once you get to the end secure the thread and tie off.

This is how it will look from the inside of the purse.

Now continue on the other side in exactly the same way.

And Voila - You have now finished your purse - Wasn't that easy?

What a gorgeous gift it would make

Both purse frames are just as nice as one another - I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.  I would love to see how you go with making yours.


Fee xx

Monday, November 5, 2012

Can you help me?

It seems to be the norm lately that there is just never enough time each weekend to do all of the things on my mental list.  I think as I am getting older that I am just getting slower at getting things done and seem to always have an unachievable list.  I did manage to sew together all of my Framed Hexagons.  I am now working on Month 5 - I am really enjoying them.  So easy and so cute !

Today over at THE SHACK I have launched a new Stitchery Club.  All of the blocks in the 12 month program are garden scene drawings including a delightful water fountain, garden gates, weather vane, wheelbarrow and much more.  All of the scenes have an abundance of flowers. 

Each month club members will receive a new block (there are 12) with a stitching guide, full colour photo and a pattern sheet for $10.00.  In month 12 all members will receive a FREE quilt pattern to put it all together.  All you need to make the quilt is 12 Fat Quarters of Tonal Creams for the stitchery backgrounds and a jelly roll of your choice(and of course threads).

It is going to be a lot of fun - Do you want to join in?  You can start at anytime.  Now for the help I need - This poor quilt does not have a name.

Tell me what you think it should be called by Friday morning AEST at 9am and you could win 2 charm packs of your choice from this delightful store - Posted direct to your door.


Fee xxxx