Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wall Organiser Tutorial

My Wall Organiser was very easy to make and the inspiration came from some bargain shoe laces from the discount store.  They were just gorgeous and 2 pairs for $1.00.  I don't often wander the isles of this particular store but these laces jumped out at me and are perfect for the project.

So this is what I purchased that day - Some shoe laces, Some stationary clips in pretty pastel colours and a 2 pack of artists canvases each measures 20cm X 50cm (8" X 20")

You will also need a rectangle of backing fabric - 13" X 24" - or there abouts + a staple gun

Lay your rectangle of fabric right side down onto a hard surface and lay the artist canvas on top centereing it with the right side down.

Starting at one of short ends fold the fabric over to make a nicce neat fold and then attach to the end with staples.  Repeat for the second short side but make sure that the fabric is pulled tight but not taut.

This is how it should look from the back

And the front

Fold each corner in as you would when wrapping a gift and put in a staple to hold in place (on all 4 corners)

All of the folded fabric left of the staple on the corner can now be cut away.  Then fold the fabric on the long sides over to give a nice neat finish and staple in place all the way along.

This is how it should look from the back.

And the front

Now cut off the plastic tip from one end of a shoelace and attach it to the side of the canvas on the short side about 1/3 down.  Repeat on the other side making sure that the lace is pulled taut across the front of the canvas.  You can measure and mark this on both sides if you want.  I used 3 staples for extra strength.  Repeat with the second shoe lace but this time it will be about 2/3rds down.  You should now have 2 strips of shoe lace across the front of your canvas.

With the off cut of one of the laces make a hanging loop from the top of the canvas.

Then just simply place your clips along the shoe lace to hold your notes etc.  Little pegs would look great too.

You can play around with colour and themes - There are some gorgeous childrens prints out there and some wonderful colourful laces but it had to be pink for me - You do understand don't you LOL

You could of course use any size canvas or even tip this size canvas up the other way and have lots more rows of laces.  I hope you enjoy making one - It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish and makes a perfect gift.

Hugs - Fee XX


Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Fee thanks for thr tutorial I will have to try that one I dont have a staple gun but I will go and get one.I hope you and all your family have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.Lots of Hugs Mary .xx

Mrs A. said...

Great idea Fee and a fab tutorial. I don't have a staple gun either but any excuse to put on my wanted list is not to be missed!!!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hugs Mrs A.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

So fun and pretty Fee! Thanks for sharing this!
Happy Christmas!

Allie said...

This is too adorable - thank you so much for the tutorial!

Dianne said...

Thanks Fee for another great tutorial. A wonderful idea for the pretty shoe laces. I love your blog and enjoy visiting. See you in 2012 and wishing you well for the festive season. Di.

Susan said...

What a great idea - thanks Fee

Heleen Groot said...

Listen Fee, This is just not fair! I've been putting all the lovely Christmas tutorials off til January. According to my calculations all of those should be finished somewhere in 2013..... And now this! I'll just have to squeeze it in somewhere....Thanks!

Annie said...

Thats pretty neat Fee. My girls have just had a room makeover from little girl room to teenage/young adult girl room...I'm a little loathe to put lots of nails in the wall for a pinboard (which they desperately need) I can make them a groovy one each without creating lots of holes...that will be my New Year task.