Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sharing, More Decorating and Back to Treasure Hunting

I have to admit that working in the hospitality industry at this time of the year can be challenging but thankfully now we are in the home straight and there is time to sit back and relax a little more each evening.  As Sunday draws closer everyone in our household gets a little more excited not only about the day itself, but about the joy of spending time with our loved ones and being able to relax for the extended break and just enjoy being together. 

 Like other families each year our family grows and 3 of our children now have other families to share their time with too so christmas becomes a spread of get togethers on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.  Is it like that for your family too?

So many of you have kindly said how much you are enjoying seeing my quirky christmas decorating so I thought that I would show you a few more corners of my festive home.

Underneath my little crystal tree is a vintage barber's mirror which I often use to display different vignettes around my home.  The little tree catches the light and dances on the ceiling as the afternoon sun plays with it.

My little white christmas tree sits beside it decorated in pink and silver

Our dining table also wears christmas clothes

And a crystal and glitter encrusted christmas tree

Have you met my darling elf from previous years?  This year he is perched just inside our front door.

He carries his own bag of toys

And he is always the children's favourite.  How could they reist that face?

Before I go I wanted to show you some gorgeous items made from some of my patterns.  One of the joys of designing for me is the knowing of the pleasure that someone else gets  from creating one of my designs.  I love seeing what others have made so please keep the photo's coming.

The gorgeous Jeanette made 2 of these shabby hangers which were featured in Handmade Magazine earlier in the year as a swap gift for Shez.

Look at Carol from Florida's gorgeous version of Lorraine's Flowers.  Isn't it stunning?

If you look carefully you can see that it even sparkles.  This was published in Patchworking and Stitching a few months ago.

And look what Di made for her friends.  3 of my Christmas Recipe Folders

Thanks girls for sharing your creations.

Next time I'll be back with that tutorial that I promised you and I will show you some of the treasure I found today whilst treasure hunting.

Do you want a little peekat one of my treasures?  Oh okay then ......  You twisted my arm !!

Hugs - Fee XX


By Hoki Quilts said...

Just gorgeous, thank you for sharing - now that adorable Santa, should he need a new home send him to Aunty Miche'le, I'll look after him ;-)
many hugs, Miche'le

Anonymous said...

what a cheeky looking elf Fee,i can see why the kids like him.
I so love your home and you take such lovely pics of everything.Jeanette did a wonderful job of my pics i love them,now i just need a place to hang them up.xx

Saucy Siciliana said...

Really pretty!

Sandi said...

Your decorations are fabulous, love the elf, he is georgious..And the bells, what lovely colours..Merry Christmas to you and your family...loved meeting you in blogland..

retdairyqueen said...

Your home looks lovely
Thanks for sharing

Allie said...

Your decorations are so darling - love that tree on the gorgeous mirror! And seeing what others have done with your designs is so gratifying. They're all lovely!

Michelle said...

Love the elf, he does have such a cute face! And the table runner and recipe holders are very cool. Have a good Christmas, Michelle.

Michelle Ridgway said...

loved your photos and decorating...adore little elf. He is sooooo cute. I agree it is a lovely feeling knowing people like your designs enough to want to create them for themselves or give to a friend as a gift and yours are so lovely Fee.
We have to share too does feel different.

Unknown said...

I love your work! thanks for sharing.