Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Been A Chilly Weekend

You could be excused if you were thinking that we were on the tail end of winter here in Tasmania - It has been a blustery, showery cold weekend.  I did manage to spring clean my stock room yesterday which was way overdue and also get a little stitching done. 

The garden desperately needs attention but it will have to wait until the sun begins to shine again.  These are my first 3 completed blocks of "Some Kind Of Wonderful" a gorgeous quilt designed by Annie Downs of Hatched & Patched.  I am using Cabbage and Roses which uses lovely tones of Blue, Pink, Red, Cream & Green.

This morning on the way to the hospital to visit with Josh we stopped at the local market looking for some treasure ( I didn't find any) but I did find a lovely lady who was selling handmade children's clothing.  The business is called Ashton Wear and is based in Cambridge here in Tasmania.  The prices are really reasonable and I found the perfect little dress for Madeliene for Christmas for just $14.00.

The lady was telling me how difficult it was to sell her wares.  She has registered as an "Australian Made" business but finds it really tough - As we all do.  I wish that other Australians would see the value in buying locally handmade goods instead of cheap imported second rate rubbish.  I try to support other artists as much as I can in the hope that they don't give up.

There was also a lady there selling gorgeous little hair acessories which her mother makes.  I found the perfect clip to go with Maddie's new dress and some baby bands for the littlies on my christmas list.

I am a true believer that we are in control of our own destiny to a certain extent.  We only get one life and it is up to us how we choose to spend it.  2012/2013 was marked out quite some time ago for a few major changes to happen in our lives. 

You may remember a little counter I had on my blog up until recently which counted down to a major event for us?  I have removed it now and just have a personal one but the days have clicked below 400 now and it is time for me to begin to make a move towards our goals.

So today I took a visit to Office Works - That place is amazing !!!  We purchased a lot of office supplies for our new adventure and ordered some office furniture and equipment.  If a gal's going to be chained to the desk more than usual she wants it to be a pretty one - right ??

I am very much a plotter and planner and this Book of Lists I started when we first dreamed up our new way of life has been steadily filling.  We still have quite a way to go before we can make the big changes  but each day we are moving closer and closer. 

If you have ever wanted something so much that it is just about all you can think about then you will know how hard it is not to just dive in and do it now - We want to succeed so it is important that we do it right.

I hope to be able to share some news about some happenings for us in early 2012 very soon.

For those of you interested in booking for "Lets Get Stitched in Tassie" the form will be available for download tomorrow.  I am sorry that it is a little late - It's almost done now.

Hugs - Fee XX


Anonymous said...

love those cute blocks Fee,and what a pretty little dress,its lovely and a real good price i hope the lady does well with her business.I hope you and Josh and the rest of the family are well fee.xo

Quilt Kitty said...

At that price & quality that gorgeous dress beats the sad imports. I guess it's just getting them out to the public. I hope she is successful. I'm a plodder, list maker & dreamer too Fee so quite understand. Making these tangible steps must be making you very happy. Can't wait to hear your plans. Best of luck in all things. Tracee xx

Michelle said...

Such a pretty little dress, it would have been a shame to leave it behind at that price!I am getting quite intrigued with all your planning... I wonder what you are up too...

Liz said...

What a stunning little dress. I do hope the lady does well. that is such a good price for a quality dress.

Susan said...

oooh - you do like to keep us guessing - dont you?? Very cute dress - and a great buy!

Isabella said...

what a cute little dress and only$14.00

Marilyn said...

I agree - the dress and hair accessories are beautiful. Wishing you a lovely time as you move towards that adventure.

Peggy said...

Hi Fiona, Josh is a wonderful young man and I hope his determination and courage helps him to face his future with his beautiful family.
Josh gets those qualities from yourself as you face your future, I look forward to the great 'reveal' when you tell us the all important news in 2012!

Barb said...

Love the dress, hope she can get her business up and going.

I want to hear your good news...but guess I will have to wait until 2012!

Cardygirl said...

Great blocks...lovely dress too. Like the organisation!

Unknown said...

That little Dress is soo Cute Great Find.
Good Luck with Your New Venture I'm Dying to Find Out what it is..LOL

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Fiona
It feels like ages since I've been over here to visit you!
Oh, goodness you have had a very full on say the least!
Loved catching up on your posts and loads of positive and healthy vibes being sent to you and your family