Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paper Crafting

We are supposed to be 6 weeks into spring but the weather here in Southern Tasmania has been very winter like.  We have had to light a fire 3 nights in a row and the mountain (Wellington) had a big layer of snow on it yesterday morning.  Despite the cold snap the garden is still looking very pretty and when the sun does shine the bees are going about their spring time work.  I am very pleased that I still have my tomato's under cover as Sunday we experienced a massive hail storm at Brighton.  Fingers crossed that we get some more spring weather soon.

One of our favourite weekend treats is fresh bread from our local bakery.  An extra special treat is curried egg and chive sandwiches which is what we had last weekend.

Have you ever tried them?  I use fresh chives, butter, curry powder and a small squirt of mayonnaise in mine.

It is delicious - Especially on freshly baked bread.

With the weather so bad over the weekend I decided that it was time that I had another play with my paper craft supplies.  They usually live packed away in these 6 striped boxes so when I get them all out I usually like to leave them out for a week or so to make the most of it.  They are still out but I can assure you that my work space does not look this tidy anymore.

I have collected lots of nice supplies over the years - I have some nice stamps and some lovely punches.

I have never taken a paper crafting class but prefer just to dabble away in a decoupage type of way....  My best friend is Modge Podge - I use it on just about everything.....

My notebook supplies in my gift box were very low so I had fun putting some more together - I think I have finally mastered the art of making it all stick properly to the plastic notebook fronts.  I like to have lots of little gifts like these on hand all of the time to pop into gift parcels.

If you get my newsletter I have shared some lovely sites to download these types of images free over the past few issues - You can just print them out as you need them.  I have also just about finished some large note books which look really cool - I am just waiting for the modge podge to dry.  I will be giving one away in my newsletter this week as well as some more free sites to download some gorgeous images.

I have a lovely collection of old music paper which I have found on my treasure hunting days - It is great for paper crafting and I am even covering an old frame with some at the moment.

It is my current work in progress.  What about you, Do you dabble in paper crafting too?

Hugs - Fee XX


Melinda said...

3 cheers for egg sandwiches made with fresh soft bread. Love 'em.

Marilyn said...

Bueatiful notebooks. The music paper on the frame is a good idea - look forward to seeing a finished pic of it.
I like to do a bit of papercraft but dont get to it as often as I would like to.

Anonymous said...

thankyou for egg sandwich recipe Fee,i havent made them that way before but i will try it next time.Love your papercraft ideas,you are so clever Fee,have a great day playing.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Oh.. we have the same best friend Fee - Miss Mod Podge.... but I'm happy to share her. [giggle]
Also loooooove a good curry sandwich too. Hmmm, now I'm craving one for lunch today.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Alicia said...

Mmm it llooks like that's a very good sandwich!!

Susan said...

Fee, what a yummy looking sandwich! I had one in London many years ago. Now I have the recipe! Yay! I too play with paper. My paper supply is only second to my fabric supply. There is a reason that my husband has to keep all of his clothing in the drawers under our bed. No room in the huge walk in closet. All of my sewing and paper craft stuff in there. When we moved, I lost my workroom, so now I have to use the dining room table. Oh well! Hubby doesn't mind and he'll love the curried egg salad too!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great sandwich fill Fee....I have been known to dabble in the paper what you have done..

Teresa said...

I love curried egg sandwiches and my neighbour has just dropped off some fresh eggs... think I'll go your way... All your scrapbooking and papercraft looks lovely. I LOVE the idea of music paper on the frame.. What a great idea. That icy weather must be blowing over to Phillip Island where my hubby is today xx

Susanne said...

Hi Fee, Have just been a follower on your blog, and are receiving your newsletter, where do I enter for your give away? best regards Susanne in Denmark

A Magical Whimsy said...

Your egg sandwiches look wonderful! The curry and chives sounds yummy indeed!
I make dolls, and I also love the look of the soft sculptured journals like Suziqu's Threadworks makes. Come on over to my blog and you can see a doll I made in the Cloth and Clay doll ning hosted by Jane DesRosier (I have her site button on my sidebar).
I love your sweet blog and the designs you are creating in different mediums.
Have a lovely rest of the weekend~
Teresa in California