Thursday, October 27, 2011

Paper Piecing, New Quilt & Frosts

I am really enjoying paper piecing at the moment - It makes a nice change to sit in my chair at night and whip stitch away mindlessly.  I have made another 5 hexagons for my "This Goes With That Quilt"

 So that makes 8 all up this month.  A number of friends are doing this quilt too - How would you feel about a "This Goes With That" Stitchalong ?  If there are enough interested girls out there I would be happy to start a blog for a paper piecing Stichalong - Sounds like fun doesn't it?

Remember all of thise cut pieces for my new Strawberry Fields Brick Quilt? Here they are sewn into partner blocks sunbaking in the afternoon sun.

They looked so pretty with the dappled sun on them that I just had to take some pics...

All up there are over 380 of them......  Well over 750 pieces to this quilt

And I am loving it with white.  Do you sometimes look at fabric and the inspiration comes to you immediately?  Mine was - "Gee that would look lovely with white on our bed......"

A Pattern was decided on and then the process of cutting away for hours

And then stitching together for hours began......

Until the first few rows started to come together only for Miss K to say - "Gee that would look lovely on MY bed - Can I have it when you're done? 

Hmmmmm - Am I ever going to get a quilt on my bed???  In all fairness to her she has a lap quilt and a single bed quilt that I have made for her in the past but she now has a queen sized bed so Santa will be bringing her a new quilt once I get it finished !!

My time is never lonely in the studio - Toby lays on the mat and keeps me company the whole time.

The tomato's that I have in our breeze through are growing really well.

They now have flowers so fruit will not be too far away.

Luckily I have kept them in their pots under cover along with some other seedlings that I am nursing along.  Not so the last batch I put in the garden on Sunday - A big frost landed on Monday night and wiped them out !!  Ho hum now I have to start some more off - That will teach me to be impatient.

I hope you are having a lovely week - I'll chat to you on Friday when the next newsletter comes out.

Hugs - Fee XX


Jeanette said...

I've got 6 made now. A blog sounds like a good idea to encourage us all to keep going.Hugs,

Kathy said...

Your Ruby hexies look lovely Fee :) I have decided on a pattern for my jelly roll and charm squares - but can't begin it just yet (champing at the bit!) Enjoy your day at home with the sun shining.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Love the hexies, and that will be a beautiful quilt for your daughter. :o)

De said...

Very productive! Lucky daughter you have :)

Sarah said...

Hey Fee! Your TGWT looks great! I must get into mine! I have just started a TGWT blog a few weeks ago, havent 'promoted' it yet or even finished the page if you want to use that?
x Sarah
PS: Love Strawberry Fields too! Have a FQ Bundle here :+)

Anonymous said...

Lol,the things we do for our kids hey,how sweet is Toby keeping you company

Ewespecial said...

I really enjoy paper piecing so would like to participate in a quilt along with paper piecing.

Joy said...

I've done a few of those blocks too, I'm still working on my 'it takes two' quilt too. Love the paper piecing and your colours are so pretty :o)!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Lady Jane said...

I made my first turkey applique quilt on my blog our cozy abode and now I am going for a quilt to start. YAY... Visiting my blogger friends quilts has finally made me realize I have to do this... I am so glad I finally made the decision to make one. Hugs, LJ

Pauline said...

Hi Fee, love the will never get a quilt on your bed if you keep giving them away!! had to laugh at your fabrics "sunbaking" omg you have it bad
have a great week...