Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hexagon Needle Book Tutorial

It is less than 12 weeks to Christmas - Sorry for reminding you but I am starting to get a bit worried and need to start crossing off some handmade gifts from my list.  I thought today I would show you how to make a simple little Hexagon needle book that would make a great stocking filler for a fellow sewer or even a tiny little gift to send inside a card for one of your sewing buddies.

If you are a newsletter subscriber I will be giving you the pattern sheet for a stitchery version of this same needle book in tomorrow's newsletter.  It is free to subscribe so if you don't already receive it, just sign up in the top right hand corner of my blog.

To make this little needle book you will require the following :-

2 X 5" Charm Squares of Patterned Fabric
Scrap of Wadding
2 X 4" Charm Squares of Wool Felt
50cm Co-ordinating Ribbon
Glue Stick, Craft Glue or Spray Adhesive.
Needle and Thread

You can download the pattern sheet HERE.

Follow the cutting directions from the pattern sheet by cutting

2 Patterned Fabric Hexagons
2 Wool Felt Hexagons
2 Wadding Hexagons
2 Cardboard Hexagons

I prefer to use spray adhesive for part of the gluing in this project and use a cardboard box to spray inside - This stops the spray from going everywhere and keeps your work area clean.  Spray one side of both cardboard hexagons.

Place the wadding hexagons over the sprayed side and smooth to adhere.

Spray with glue again on the wadding side.

Place the patterned fabric on top of the wadding centering it, with the right side facing up.  When you turn it over it will look like this - A nice 1/4' of fabric left on all sides.

Using the craft glue or a glue stick, glue the fabric down over each side of the hexagon. 

 Glue opposite sides as you go.  This helps get the right tension of the fabric

Next cut the ribbon in half so that you have 2 X 25cm pieces.  Glue at least 5cm of one end to one side of the hexagon.  Repeat for the other hexagon.

With your glue stick or craft glue make a line of adhesive around the edge of the felt hexagon and place down over the folded edges of the fabric and the glued ribbon.  Repeat for the other hexagon.

Place both hexagons together so that the ribbon on each is placed like the photograph above (on outer edges)

 Take your Needle and Thread - I use Bottom Line Thread because of it's strength and get mine from HERE

And with the felt sides of both hexagons facing out start stitching the 2 hexagons together along the opposite side to the ribbon.

With whip stitch

Until you have it all stitched together like this.

Place some needles and/or pins inside

Tie up the ribbon in a pretty bow for a sweet little quick gift.

Pretty easy isn't it?

Don't forget that if you are a newsletter subscriber you will receive a pattern for a stitched front version tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy making them.

Hugs - Fee XX


Jo in TAS said...

Great easy tutorial Fee!

Anonymous said...

thankyou Fee for this tutorial it will make a sweet little gift.

Anonymous said...

Thats so sweet - thank you Fee.

Anonymous said...

A very cute little sewers gift!!

Dawn said...

What a great little Chrissie gift idea...Love it...
Hugs Dawn x x

De said...

Super quick gift idea - thanks for the tutorial! Love the nails too :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Just printed that out thanks the look of the tips on your nails...

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing Fee... you are such a sweetie!

Melody said...

Such a gorgeous project Fee. Thank you.

Joy said...

You're such a clever stitcher!!! Love it, and what a great little giftie that is, thanks Fee :o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Gina McCaleb-Rudder said...

I pinned this on Pinterst What a clever idea! Following you now also.

Allie said...

Oh Fee that is so darling - may I use your pic to link to you? I'd love to feature this on my blog. What a darling project!

Nicky said...

Thanks Fee - it really does look easy. Such a sweet idea!

Nancy said...

Oh, thank you for this tutorial. I will definitely be making several of these for Christmas. I love the pretty rose fabruc you used. Is that a current fabric?

trishie said...

Looks great. the fabric you used is pretty.

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous tutorial. I am setting sunday aside to sort out what I am going to be making for christmas gifts, I can now add this to that list as a number of my friends are quilters/stitchers

Thanks so much

Cathy said...


Great little holder for needles. Lately I have been using a piece of paper, how unoriginal and boring. I have to say this weekend is going to be a play outside weekend but I will put it on my list of to do's, or should say wish I could get to it list.


KaHolly said...

Brilliant tute! Love the stitchery that accomanies it! Thanks so much! ~karen

milainoa said...

Gracias por compartir, me gusta el guarda- agujas.
un abrazo...

Unknown said...

Hello Fee,Betty here. I want to (at last!) make your lovely heay needle book,BUT, after all this time storing it into my I Pad it won't print out the shapes to make it.May I impose on you to send me the hexagon pattern again to print Please? What size is the finished needle book,hugs Betty

Unknown said...

Cancel my lastreply please Fee,I found a way to print out your pattern for the needle book,hugs Bet