Thursday, October 20, 2011

Every Now and Again

Every now and again something happens in your life to change it forever and making the decision almost 3 years ago to blog was one of those for me.

I was a "lurker" for almost a year and then finally took the plunge.

Why ??

I wanted to surround myself with like minded people, I wanted to meet new friends and I wanted to be creative and to share my creativity in an on-line journal and hopefully inspire others to create.

One thing in life usually leads to another and now 3 years down the track I am a designer, I am also a published designer and I feel very blessed to of achieved both.  Blogging has opened up many doors for me and many lasting strong friendships have evolved . 

But the dreams.......  Oh the dreams of where I could take my creative pursuits.....  Wondering if I could make it in a fully fledged business of my own and for it to be sustainable ????  and the fear..... the fear of the unknown and knowing what to do next.....

Well a very dear blogging buddy of mine has taken away all of the wondering and has answered all of my questions ....

The gorgeous creative and very talented Kerryanne of Shabby Art Boutique and Woodberry Designs has written a book.......  Not just any book BUT a book which covers everything you need to know to make a successful creative business called "The Creative Mumpreneur".

I feel truly honoured to have been asked to review it and I am ecstatic that it is everything I hoped it would be - I couldn't stop reading.

It covers such things as :-

Business Basics - Including legalities, business names and copyright.
Brand, Logo & Product - Including Photography, Logo, Pricing etc
All Types of Selling - Including Online, At Markets and even Party Plan
Marketing - Including Social Media, Publishing, Publicity and Much much more.... 

For just a $29 investment the e-book is yours to read and refer to forever.  Not much of an investment in your dreams is it?

You can purchase it at Kerry's lovely web-site Woodberry Designs

Whilst you are there take a look at all of her gorgeous "stuff" too.

Hugs - Fee XX


Melody said...

I'll pop over and take a look now, Fee.

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

sounds like a darn good read!!

KaHolly said...

This sounds like it's worth checking out! Good for her...a much needed book.

Barb said...

That does sound like an interesting book....and thanks for becoming a blogger!@

Allie said...

How neat - blogging opens SO many doors, I'm so glad you took the plunge, Fee! The book looks great!