Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm Such A Bad Parent ........ + A Special Gift

Well it is still freezing here in Tassie.  The coldest winter for a very long time but I guess mother nature knows what she's doing.  I am dreaming of blossom, sunshine on my back and the smell of spring's bulbs, the first signs of spring are slowly appearing.

I received this very special gift in the mail yesterday from Illene.  I will treasure it always - Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness.

On Sunday I did indeed brave the cold weather and did some potting in readiness for some spring and summer colour.  I also re-potted all of the aloe vera babies from my mother plant.

We had a breeze through built at the back of our house around 3 years ago made from cedar.  It has castle doors at either end and provides a lovely indoor/outdoor undercover area to enjoy the warmer weather.  The cats love it too as they can bask in the sun and bird watch.  At either end is an undercover entrance area which I utilise for undercover plants.  This is where I have put all of the newly potted baby plants.

Can you see the wine barrel in the corner???

Can you see the sick looking creeper in it?

That kinda happens when you don't water them for many months !!  I am such a bad parent.......  Hubby says I have a "gold" finger and that I can turn any green plant gold.......  Rather uncharitable of him really - This one is still green !!  You will be pleased to know that it has had a very big drink some new soil and a promise to keep a better eye on it.  A Pinkie Promise.....

Don't forget that if you are going to the Craft & Quilt Fair on Friday that Jo and I will be there !!  Look for the red balloons and the red polka dot bag - We won't be far away.

Oh and pop by Jo's blog tomorrow as it's her birthday - Don't tell her I told you.

Hugs - Fee XXXX

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Mojo nicked off again.........

Winter in Tasmania is such a hard time to find motivation.  It was -4 degrees here this morning.  Yep that's right 4 below zero !!  No wonder I had to kick the cats out of the bed to make it this morning.  I have been struggling with the flu all week and my motivation levels are very low.

So I decided to go out and buy some colourful seedlings which will flower over the next few weeks and brighten the place up a bit.  Now I just have to go outside and find some nice containers to put them in.

The sun is shining here at the moment but I think it is still only a balmy 7 degrees.

So instead of sewing yesterday I decided to bake.  One of my favourite things is the scent of fresh baking on a cold winter's day.  I have joined in with Lisa & Sarah's weekend baking blogs.

Once I got out all of my ingredients I made a start.  This weekend was Spiced Carrot Cake

With an Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

Which is delicious !!

And Raspberry Shortcake because it is Sam's favourite and she is coming for dinner tonight.

I just went looking for the boys and guess where they are????  Yes sleeping in amongst all of the cushions and pilows on our bed.  What a life.........

I am going to go out and brave the elements now and do some potting.  Wish me luck.

Before I go I just wanted to send my love to the people of Norway.  My heart goes out to you all.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On The To Do List, An Offer & A Freebie For You

Many times I have told you that I am a list girl and now that the winter is ticking along and spring draws closer I am beginning to think of all of the things that need doing outdoors.  I have started a list.

On top of the list is my poor Aloe Vera plant which lives near our back door.  It desperately needs to be divided and all of the babies re-potted.  Each year I give away the baby plants as gifts - Aloe Vera is wonderful for cuts, stings, burns (Including sun burn) etc.  Simply break off a piece and squeeze the gel from the plant and apply to the skin.  If there is anyone local who would like one of my baby plants just let me know.

Christmas is getting closer and closer and is not really that far away - It is never too early to start planning your christmas sewing.  I designed this Holly Table Topper a few months ago.

It is simple stitchery (Back Stitch & Satin Stitch) and some applique.

I have a limited number of kits available for $15.00 - Yes $15.00.....  This kit includes all of the fabrics to make the topper, fusible pellon and a colour pattern all for the retail cost of the pattern....  The kits can be purchased HERE

And since it has been awhile since I have shared a Freebie Pattern with you I thought that today I would give you my Lorraine's Flowers Table Runner Pattern.  This is one of my favourite designs and I love making it.  I would love to see your version if you decide to make one too.  You can download the pattern HERE.


Fee XX

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The King of My Castle

Jack is definetly the king of our castle.  Well at least he thinks so........ 

This is what I bought for our babies to play on - A massive scratching house which they practice gymnastics on as well as Trapeze, Wrestling, Tightrop Walking and of course Pouncing from great heights.  Who needs a television when you have 2 larrikins living in your home to enteratin you.

The last 8 - 10 weeks have been difficult ones in our household and one day I will tell you all about it but needless to say it has all been very time consuming (Thats why I am hardly ever here.....) and very stressful.  The kindness of bloggers is so overwhelming at times and to receive a "Just Because" gift in the mail from the lovely Pat was just what I needed - It arrived on a particularly "bad" day and soon put a smile back on my face.  I have been lucky enough to meet Pat at our Bloggers meet up in QLD earlier this year (She was there on holiday) and she is a gorgeous gal.

Look at what she blessed me with - The colours are so "me" and it has been beautifully made - The stitchery in the bottom is gorgeous.

And these beauties were inside.  I love "bling" and these are also very "me".  Thanks so much Pat XXXXX

Now that I have my son living back home it is a great excuse to make sweet things - He is as much of a sweet tooth as his mum so I whipped up a batch of Rocky Road over the weekend.

And just to prove that I have been trying to cross some things off my "July" White Rabbits List here is a little sneak peek of the Christmas Doll I have been commissioned to do.  Almost Finished !!

Hugs - Fee XX

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Picture of Relaxation

One thing that my pets know how to do is to relax.  Here is "Dreamer" in his favourite winter spot - The mantle.  If you look closely you can see the chew marks on the greyhounds nose of my figurine.  This is Dreamer's contribution to home decorating.  Lucky I adore him !!

Yesterday was pretty bleak here so after spending the morning doing those mundane housework chores I spent the afternoon in my sewing room.  Firstly I played with some binding for Amy's quilt - It is all attached now just needs to be stitched down.

I managed to finish stitching down the binding on my new design - It's as easy as 1,2,3

There was a brief moment of sunshine when I was taking photographs of it.

It is a nice bright quilt with paper piecing, embroidery, simple piecing and applique - So a bit of everything.

As usual Sarah did a wonderful job of quilting it.

I also played with some applique and managed to get the next 2 blocks of Henrietta's Whiskers ready to stitch - Blocks 5 & 6.  So I had a pretty productive afternoon.  Let's hope I can snatch another hour or two today to play with my UFO for this month - Nanny Sharon's Picnic Quilt (Threadbare Design) which I started about 2 years ago.

I will leave you with this photograph of the little wren that played in the garden outside my sewing room window yesterday.

Hugs - Fee XX

Friday, July 1, 2011

White Rabbit List for June

Last month I decided to join in with a number of other bloggers and write myself a "To Do" list for June.  I decided that each month I would try my hardest to get as many crossed off the list as possible.  So how did I go?  Well I am pleased with my result considering that our lives have been turned upside down pretty much throughout June. In attempting to rid myself of so many UFO's I decided that each month I would add one to my list in the hope that I could actually get some finished !  Well I am pleased to report that I have finished Amy's post & rail quilt.

It has returned from being quilted and now just needs it's  binding sewn on.  Amy is thrilled with it and I am pretty pleased to be able to remove it from the pile of UFO's.

I also managed to finish 2 more blocks for my Tis The Season Quilt.  I haven't put the borders on them yet put they are on my list for the weekend.

I made progress with Block 2 of "Berries & Blueberries"

I am really enjoying this one - The birdies are just so cute.

And Block 4 of Henrietta's Whiskers just needs 20 minutes spent on it which I will finish tonight.

Block 1 of my "It's The Little Things That Matter" BOM Quilt is finished and Block 2 is underway.

3 Items were finished for Magazine Commissions

Including this "Easy Peasy" Chenille Quilt

Which used up some of my treasured Grand Revival stash - It was so hard to actually cut into it - But I was pleased with the result.

I also finished this little throw cushion as well as a kitty cat Tote bag and Cushion which I donated at the last cat show but forgot to photograph.  So I am not going to be too hard on myself as I set the bar pretty high knowing that I wouldn't achieve the entire list but it really did help with motivation so if you are thinking about doing it too - Go for it !

I am now off to write up July's list on my side bar - The hardest thing is going to be choosing which UFO is next to go !!

Hugs - Fee XX