Sunday, May 29, 2011

Winter is almost here ...... + A Printable Gift

Wednesday will be the first day of winter here in Tasmania and believe me it is freezing here all ready.  2 nights this week I have been huddled under a snuggly quilt in front of the fire with my stitching on my lap.  Even though it is cold outside it is one of my favourite times of the year for stitching.

I have been working on Block 2 of Berries and Blueberries - I am really enjoying this BOM although I am already 2 months behind LOL

I have also been playing with a few designs that have been in my sketch book for ages - I have no idea what they will become yet

But I am enjoying doing them and will put them aside until the inspiration hits me..........

And spending lots of time with my grandbabies.  Here is Madeliene acting all coy sharing her bowl of treats with her beloved "Mimah" Doll.  You may remember that this was a doll that I designed about 2 years ago now - Her and Madeliene are inseperable.  She is now looking very much worse for wear but is truly loved so that is the main thing !!

Now you all know how much I love sayings........  Whilst away on our little trip a few weeks ago we spotted another wonderful saying which is very apt for me.  I am by nature a worry wart when it comes to my family and things that affect our lives and have had plenty of reasons lately to add to the abundance of grey hairs which seem to be sprouting from my scalp at a rapid rate.  So I thought I would make the saying into a JPEG Printable to share with you all.

Just right click the image and save it to your computer.  I now have this written on the chalk board in my dining room to remind me to keep looking forward and not back.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Hugs - Fee XX


Barb said...

What a wonderful saying...

Loved sitting by your fire enjoying your stitching but that grandbaby is the topper to your post.

barb's creations said...

That saying is soooo true.
Enjoy your Monday Tomorrow,I have my free day on a Friday and so understand the need for some me time :) Barb.

Nicky said...

Your BOM is looking fabulous. Your little grand-daughter is so sweet, clearly she loves her dolly a lot! Thanks for sharing the saying, I really need to remember that one.

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh I LOVE this saying!
That photo of your granddaughter is precious!!!!
so sweet. I love your BOM also. Good to catch up with you tonite... I Love a fire. Enjoy your beautiful weather.XO

Andra Gayle said...

So funny to hear that winter is coming to your world. We are going on our first outdoor swimming adventure of the summer tomorrow and hoping that it is warmer than the 80 degrees predicted. We are not snuggling under quilts here and very soon we will be wishing for a cool breeze.

Lurline said...

Thanks for those wise words!
Hugs - LUrline♥

Isabella said...

Gosh time does fly it doesnt seem like two years since she was born and we were at the gathering not long after.

Joy said...

Fee it must warm your heart each time you see Madelaine loving on that 'Mimah' dolly!! How absolutely lovely :o).
That saying is terrific ... I'm off to put it on my sidebar, thanks :o).
Love n hugs,
Joy ;o) xxxxxxxx

Deb said...

Fabulous saying Fee. Obviously you are like me as I am a worry wort also. Your fire photo looks so inviting. The weather has been exactly the same here. I love your Bluebirds and Berries block, I have only just ordered the set from Maree so you're not behind hun, you're way ahead (Of me). Loving your retreat sign, did Jo tell you us kiwi girls are keen to join you?? Could you handle it-lol

Unknown said...

Oh Your Fire looks Soo Cosy..wish we still had a wood fire..
You have been Busy all looking Lovely as usual...are those NZ Gals Serious!!!!!

Annie said...

Gosh Fee, we need to meet - you don't look like you're old enough to have a grandbaby!! Our fire is also crackling away each evening...we have an open fire in the lounge - lovely except for the sparks :( Also experiencing major frosts of a morning, and the most glorious day following....not to mention the gorgeous colours of Autumn. Have a lovely 'Fee Monday' tomorrow. xoxox

Mistea said...

Gorgeous projects as always - Love the little birdy.
That fire makes me feel all cosy, wish I had one here.
Enjoy your Monday

KaHolly said...

Seems so funny that you are celebrating the first day of winter and we're still waiting for spring to grab hold!! Your projects are wonderful, as always. Precious grandbaby!! Cute doll.

Quilt Kitty said...

Great saying & one I need to remember too. Thanks Fee, Tracee xx

Allie said...

That fire looks so cozy - winter is my favorite time for stitching too! Your bird block and stitcheries are wonderful, Fee. LOVE the saying, how very true and thank you for sharing. Madeliene is an absolute darling - what a little cutie!!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

That quote is a keeper, Fee. How true.
Maddie is adorable!! :-)

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Fee your fire looks so comfy and your handwork is beautiful.
I'll have to remember this saying, love it.
It's 90 degrees and climbing so wish for some cooler weather to be back this way.

Just Ramblin' said...

Love the quote. Think I'll try and stitch it up. Your fire is so inviting. We could use here about now as we had snow yesterday. Nola

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Love that saying, love your little grandcutie and love the looks of your new designs!!
xx, shell