Friday, April 1, 2011

 It's Friday again already. I know I have asked it before but where does the time go - They say that time passes more quickly as you get older but it is getting a bit ridiculous. Maybe it's because I am getting a bit slower to do things?


The marathon of the past few weeks with trying to get Sam's 21st birthday quilt finished is almost over. It is being quilted at the moment and will be returned to me next week ready for the binding and then gift giving on Sunday week (10th)

Other than the white quilters cotton the entire quilt is made from scraps.  I am really pleased with the way it has come up and I know that she is going to love the colours.

I had a few days off work this week with what I describe as a "Black Headache" a real blinder - The mother of all headaches - You know the sort?  Amy decided that she would do some baking for me.  I was just a bit stressed when I saw the state of my kitchen.

I did remind her that all good cooks clean up after themselves and she assured me she would.  She was just a bit miffed at me for taking photographs of it.

But true to her word she did clean up and then presented me with a hot chocolate filled cupcake with chocolate ice cream.  It was so yummy that I forgot to photograph it.

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday.  I have been blogging since late 2008 and decided to get my on-line journal published into a book.  2008 - 2009 and another for the whole of 2010.

They arrived yesterday and are wonderful.  We all had a lot of fun last night looking back at the record of our happenings over the past 2 and a bit years.

I purchased mine from here.

Here is Block 9 of my Flowers of Love Quilt.  Did you notice that it has been quilted?  I have received the quilt back and it is now bound and waiting to be shown to you when I release the finishing instructions later in the month.  Blocks 1 - 8 will only remain on my site until the 16th April so if you haven't downloaded them yet you had best get a wriggle on.  You can download the Block HERE.

Just before I go I wanted to tell you about a new on-line store that belongs to my friend Vicki.  The Pickledish Patch - Hop on over and take a look at all of her goodies.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love and Hugs - Fee X


Penny said...

Thanks Fee :)

Allie said...

Oh Fee she is just going to love that quilt - it is scrumptious! I LOVE the colors! You must have very nice scraps, girl...

I'm so sorry you had such a bad headache..I do know the sort. Bless Amy for helping you, and cleaning it all up! Too funny about the pics. I don't dare take pics when my hubby cooks.

I would LOVE to have my blog in book form. I'm going to have to check into this. What a lovely record of what your life was like. I never did do a diary, it was so much hassle to write longhand, lol - typing is so much faster - and with a blog, you have pictures!

Thank you so much for another gorgeous block in your Flowers of Love, Fee. I love it so much and I hope I can get started soon - I'm going to try a new schedule and see if it helps me SEW more! Your lovely project is tops on my list and I'm tired of not finding time, so I'm going to make some!

Quilt Kitty said...

The quilt is beautiful Fee. I'm sure Sam will love it. Amy's precious making you a treat & even cleaning up. The creative process is always messy as we well know. Wish I could have been with you girls in Tassie, it looks like great fun & someone forgot to tell Perth it is Autumn & to get cooler, not hotter, so Tassie weather sounds nice & snuggly at the moment. Happy stitching Tracee xx

Pauline said...

The quilt looks great Fee, nice work...sorry to hear you had such a nasty headache..better this week than next!!! hahah...Not long now.....
how nice of dd to make you cant worry too much if they are having a go can you???
Journal looks great too..

Nellie put the kettle on said...

What beautiful scraps you must have!!!

Maria said...

Hope your head is better.
I would love your scraps. What a beautiful quilt you have made out of them for Sam.
Amy did do a great job of cooking and cleaning up. Well Done.

Narelle said...

Sam is very lucky to receive this gorgeous quilt!
Love the cover on your blog book ... my book arrived today ... they're just fantastic to have!

Ineke Original said...

Fantastic! Just love this!

Chookyblue...... said...

hope the head is better now..........I got my blog book in the mail yesterday.........

Scottish Nanna said...

Sam will love that quilt I hope you are feeling better now I cant wait to see the finished quilt Of the block of the month the sneek peek looks good.
Hugs Mary.

Dawn said...

Looks fab Fee.. he he and so glad the kitchen got tidied up... yummy food and chocolate at that, always makes a kitchen look tidier... he he
Love your Blog Book
hugs Dawn x x x

Unknown said...

Sam's Quilt is Beautiful Fee I'm sure it will become a Keepsake..
Nice to have a DD that will Bake & Clean..she's on the right
Hope you are Feeling Better Today.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

A gorgeous quilt! You have lovely scraps! I hope your head is feeling much better. I to know the pain of those dreadful things. I bet the chocolate helped. :) I'm going to get my blog printed this year. I have always wanted to do that.
xx shell

Lis Harwood said...

Hoping your head is better. I love the idea of printing out my blog, didn't know it could be done so beautifully, thanks for the info.

Alma said...

HOLA FIONA, me hice tu seguidora porque estoy aprendiendo pacht y me gustaron mucho tus trabajos. Un abrazo grande desde MAR DEL PLATA -ARGENTINA

Helen said...

The quilt is just wonderful Fiona and I'm sure it will be a big hit.