Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Wrap-Up, Rain & Gifts To Me

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about Sam's quilt and all of the birthday wishes.  She had a fantastic night amongst some of her friends and family.


Here she is reading her card from Mummy & Daddy


I wrapped the quilt will the label facing up - Luckily she opened it the right way up and got to read the label first.


Here she is snuggling it - She got just a bit teary......


She had lot's of assistance blowing out her 21 candles.


As you can see from her smile it was a great night.

So what is going on with the weather again?  We have had a 2 day wild storm in Tasmania and at Brighton we received 4 Inches of rain from yesterday until this morning (That's 100mm).  This is what I cam home to last night - The water sneaking into our breeze through heading towards the back door.

I had no choice but to dig some drains - Hubby was not at home - Luckily I was able to stop the flow.  But I did get soaked in the process and it is still raining here today.  Hopefully it causes no more damage.

So after I had a nice hot shower and popped my flannellette PJ's and Slippers on I sat down with a nice hot cuppa and opened up my box of gifties I bought myself from Kerryanne's Shop - Woodberry Designs.


It was wrapped up beautifully in brown paper, bakers twine, a paper doilley with my name on it and this gorgeous label - Not to mention a little pink gift bag which I will show you a bit later in this post.


Kerryanne has been making some handmade goodies lately and I just had to order some for my home.  This lovely bag holds a beautiful bunch of lavender wrapped in sheet music - I just love it.

And this lovely chalk board complete with chalk hanging from some twine.  I will be keeping my eye out for her next batch of creations.


And look what was in the little pink gift bag.  The most gorgeous teeny tiny rabbit I ever did see.  She is so cute.


And just look at her little cotton tail?  I adore her Kerryanne.  Thanks for making a really bad day sparkle a little. 

Love and Hugs - Fee XX


Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Fee! Oh yeah ... parcels from the lovely Kerryanne are ALWAYS special!!! I'm hoping to add one of those gorgeous French inspired blackboards to my made-over sewing room and am eyeing off the lavender bags, too ... guess I'll be saving my play money to splurge! My Beloved jokes that one corner of my lounge room is a 'shrine' to Kerryanne ... there are so many goodies I've bought from her wonderful web site! :0) Hope your week continues to get better and be a little less damp - Bear Hugs!

Jo in TAS said...

Oh I want to buy some goodies from Kerryanne just for the wrapping alone, all so gorgeous!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

hello Fee,
what a delightful post, full of newsy stuff. Sam looks very happy, and she shouls be really pleased with her new quilt, it is Beeeeeeeutiful.
I have had a peek at Kerryanne's site and what a delight alos, no wonder you shop there!
... and PJ's slippers n a cuppa sound pretty darn good as well!

retdairyqueen said...

Thanks for the great birthday photos
Pleased she loved her quilt

Anonymous said...

what a lovely parcel Fee,and good heavens when is the rain going to stop.
And how happy was Sam opening her quilt,no wonder she was teary it is beautiful

Dawn said...

Sam looks fabulous and so thrilled with the quilt you made her... and those goodies from Kerryanne look wonderful and shabby...'perfick' as dear Ethel would say...LOL
Hugs Dawn x x x

Joy said...

They certainly do look Perfick, all wrapped up like a gawjus gifty - just what you needed after such an awful day ;o).
Fee, Sam looks so pleased with her quilt, what a fabulous piccy - love it!!
Love n hugs,
Ethel xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

So Glad the Party went well & Sam certainly looks Delighted with her Gorgeous Gift..
what a lovely way to treat the bag & lavender & the giftcard is just Beautiful...

Mrs Shepo said...

So pleased that Sam's party went well and that she was delighted with her beautiful quilt, her Mum is so talented. I just love a PJ day, the best. Cheers Pat.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Sam!!! xx

Gosh Fee, you must be so proud of your little girl all grown up - she has the most wonderful smile and looks like she was having a ball!!!

Sorry to hear about the rainfall... no wonder you snuggled in to those flannelette PJs after digging the drains. As for Kerryanne's goodies - all sublime!!! She's such a clever bunny who never ceases to put some sparkle in to a girl's day!

Hugs sweetie!
Vikki xo :-)

Allie said...

Oh my Sam looks so YOUNG - she's lovely and her cake looks scumptious! Glad she loved her quilt and enjoyed her birthday.

So sorry you had to dig Fee - good job rewarding yourself with some lovely goodies. LOVE the bunny!

kathyros said...

Great looking cake, Fiona and yes she does look so very happy.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh my she does look soooo happy...what a wonderful gift Fee!!! All that gorgeousness from Kerryanne...I'll have to wander over and have a look!!! Happy Happy birthday Fee...have a wonderful day tomorrow....April, what a great month...Hugs, Dzintra